Happy Deepavali Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Happy Deepavali Questions & Answers.

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Happy Deepavali Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Storeroom – a room to store extra things
  • Delicious – tasty
  • Pledge – promise
  • Vanished – went away

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Rohan’s mother called him to

(a) Cook for her
(b) go to the market
(c) help her clean the storeroom

2. Rohan was sad as his mother had

(a) Refused to buy a new shirt for him
(b) Refused to buy him crackers
(c) Scolded him

3. Rohan’s sister Anjali reminded him

(a) about the pledge they took at school
(b) to buy lots of crackers
(c) to help in cleaning the house.

4. Rohan’s grandmother was making

(a) Jalebis and samosas
(b) gulab jamuns and gujiyyas
(c) chocolates and ice creams

Question 2: What was Rohan doing when his mother called him?

Answer: Rohan was playing chess with his father when his mother called him.

Question 3: Who were coming to celebrate Deepavali with Rohan’s family?

Answer: Rohan’s aunt Simi and his cousins were coming to celebrate Deepavali with them.

Question 4: When was the house painted every year?

Answer: The house was painted every year before Deepavali.

Question 5: What would Rohan’s mother and grandmother make for Deepavali?

Answer: Rohan’s mother and grandmother would make gulab jamuns and gujiyyas for Deepavali.

Question 6: Why did Rohan’s excitement vanish?

Answer: Rohan’s excitement vanished when he was told that he would not get any crackers.

Question 7: How did Rohan become happy again?

Answer: He became happy when he was told to help in decorating the house with lights and rangoli, taste the sweets and wear new clothes too. He enjoyed these activities as much as he enjoyed bursting crackers.

Question 8: Why should we say ‘No’ to crackers?

Answer: We should say ‘No’ to crackers because they cause a lot of pollution which harms our health.

Question 9: What are the things that make Deepavali so much fun?

Answer: People wear new clothes, decorate their houses with lights, make tasty sweets and exchange gifts on Deepavali.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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