My Dear Lamp Questions & Answers

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My Dear Lamp Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Cottage – a small house, usually in a village
  • Spinning wheel – a machine used in the past for making thread from wool or cotton by hand
  • Pause – stop
  • Pretended – behaved in a manner that people believed something that was not true
  • Spicy – food that has lot of spices

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The old woman was

(a) poor and intelligent.
(b) rich and stupid.
(c) hungry.
(d) rich and intelligent.

2. The thief hid

(a) near the lamp.
(b) near the door.
(c) behind the curtain.
(d) near the spinning wheel.

3. When the old woman saw the thief, she

(a) started shouting.
(b) thought of an idea.
(c) began talking to him.
(d) ran out of the cottage.

4. The old woman saved her money and life by

(a) thinking fast
(b) beating the chief.
(c) shouting for help.
(d) giving the thief food to eat.

Question 2: What did the old woman do after eating food?

Answer: After eating food, the old woman would spin cotton on her spinning wheel with a small lamp burning near her.

Question 3: What idea came to the old woman’s mind?

Answer: The old woman thought of talking to her lamp to fool the thief.

Question 4: Why did the thief think that the lamp was special?

Answer: When the old woman started talking to the lamp, the thief thought it must be a special lamp.

Question 5: How did the neighbours come to know that the old woman was in trouble?

Answer: When the old woman shouted for help while telling the story, the neighbours came to know that she was in trouble.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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