Hector Hummingbird Questions & Answers

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Hector Hummingbird Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Hector felt that something unusual was happening in the forest – True
(b) Oliver didn’t like his sleep to be disturbed – True
(c) Hector had seen the King only in his castle and not in the forest – False
(d) The Princess was allowed to climb trees – False
(e) Hector lived a lonely life in the King’s castle – False

Question 2: Answer the questions in one or two words only:

(a) Who first discovered that the Princess had climbed up a tree.

Answer: A Queen

(b) Who did Hector look for but couldn’t find?

Answer: Oliver

(c) What did Hector use to tie the Princess with?

Answer: A strong vine

Question 3: Why did Hector wake up Oliver?

Answer: Hector woke up Oliver to know what is happening in the forest.

Question 4: Why was Hector amused to see the picnic party?

Answer: Hector was amused to see the picnic party because he saw all that for the first time.

Question 5: Why was the Princess’ life in danger?

Answer: The Princess’ life was in danger because she had climbed up high onto a big old oak tree and dangled helplessly up in the air.

Question 6: ‘He who is not strong enough must be smart enough!’ At what point in the story did Hector hear this message?

Answer: Hector heard this message when he was trying to save the princess.

Question 7: Describe how the Princess was saved.

Answer: Hector grabbed the end of the vine and as Princess fell, he flew with it around and around the Princess finally knotting the vine under itself. The Princess dangled safely in the air and was saved.

Question 8: How did the King reward Hector?

Answer: The King took Hector into the castle and the royal gardeners planted special flower gardens full of his favourite blooms. The King gave a huge feast and all the guests stood and toasted Hector, who hummed with happiness. The King also declared that from now on, Hector shall be known as Hector Hummingbird, the Hero!

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