The Old Green Door Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Old Green Door Questions & Answers.

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The Old Green Door Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Tom is________years old.

i. ten
ii. six
iii. four

(b) The boys liked to________.

i. invent things
ii. explore new places
iii. imagine and daydream

(c) The boys first discovered a________coming from behind the door.

i. roaring sound
ii. strange light
iii. pounding noise

(d) _________was the slowest to flee the Green Door.

i. Tom
ii. Jack
iii. Tim

(e) Mr Lee asked the boys to__________.

i. help him open the Green Door
ii. wait for him at the store
iii. help him in the store

Question 2: Where was the Old Green Door and what was the way to it?

Answer: The Old Green Door was at the children’s school. It was down past Mrs Joyne’s room, at the end of the corridor.

Question 3: What sounds did the students hear coming from behind the door?

Answer: The children first heard a scratchy sound followed by gnashing and gnawing of the terrible teeth. After that they heard a chilling scream and a growling roar. Then, something started to pound against the terrible old green door.

Question 4: Why were the students frightened of Mr Lee?

Answer: The students were frightened of Mr Lee because he was taking them back to the terrible Old Green Door. His eyes grew red as if they bled and his hand bent into a claw.

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