The Silver Arrow Questions & Answers

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The Silver Arrow Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Sheriff – a person responsible for keeping law and order in a town
  • Archer – a person who shoots arrows with a bow
  • Nobleman – a man of high position
  • Fencing – fighting with swords
  • Imprison – put in jail
  • Spectators – people watching a show
  • Revealed – made something known to somebody

Question 1: Match the people to the words that can be used to describe them.

Column AColumn B
1. Robin Hooda. miserable
2. spectatorsb. greedy
3. poor peoplec. helpful
4. sheriffd. good
5. sheriff’s guardse. cruel
6. kingf. wicked
7. king’s brotherg. excited
Answer: 1-c, 2-g, 3-a, 4-e, 5-b, 6-d, 7-f

Question 2: Who told Robin Hood about the archery contest?

Answer: A little boy told Robin Hood about the archery contest.

Question 3: In which town was the shooting match held?

Answer: The shooting match was held in Nottingham.

Question 4: What was the colour of the dress Robin Hood and his men usually wore?

Answer: Green was the colour of the dress Robin Hood and his men usually wore.

Question 5: What was the man who won the match wearing?

Answer: The man who won the match was wearing the red jacket.

Question 6: Why did Robin Hood live in the forest?

Answer: Robin Hood lived in the forest because his lands were captured by the prince.

Question 7: What was the prize for the archery contest?

Answer: The prize for the archery contest was a silver arrow.

Question 8: Why did the sheriff dislike Robin Hood?

Answer: The sheriff disliked Robin Hood because he robbed from the rich and helped the poor.

Question 9: Why did the sheriff plan for shooting match?

Answer: The sheriff planned for shooting match to trick and capture Robin Hood.

Question 10: How did Robin Hood manage to trick the Sheriff?

Answer: Robin Hood managed to trick the Sheriff by wearing a red jacket instead of green. His ‘merry men’ also wore jackets of various colours and this fooled the sheriff that the merry men had not shown up to the contest.

Question 11: Who was finally captured and how?

Answer: After winning the silver arrow, Robin Hood announced to shoot the arrow off and whoever found could keep it. The sheriff’s greedy guards ran off to get the arrow leaving the sheriff alone. Then, Robin Hood and his merry men captured the sheriff and took him to the Sherwood Forest.

So, these were The Silver Arrow Questions & Answers.

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