Stories of Art Questions & Answers

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Stories of Art Questions & Answers

Question 1: Answer in one or two words:

(a) Giocondo’s wife was also called this.

Answer: La Gioconda

(b) This person invited da Vinci to France.

Answer: French King

(c) The president of the Royal Academy during Gainsborough’s time.

Answer: Sir Joshua Reynolds

(d) The name of the boy Gainsborough painted

Answer: Master Buttall

(e) Renoir suffered from this disease in his old age

Answer: Rheumatism

Question 2: Why didn’t da Vinci give the Mona Lisa to the person who had commissioned it?

Answer: It was known that Leonardo da Vinci was a genius. That is why a wealthy merchant, Giocondo, commissioned him to paint a portrait of his wife. Leonardo da Vinci took four years to complete this portrait. When he finished it, he was unwilling to give it to Giocondo or to anybody else.

Question 3: Why is Mona Lisa’s smile so mysterious?

Answer: The secret behind Mona Lisa is that the ‘happy’ part of her smile is actually buried in low spatial frequency pattern. So, if you’re not looking directly at her mouth, her smile looks cheerful. But when you look directly at her smile, parts of it disappear into the background.

Question 4: What does the narrator say about the playing of music and the Mona Lisa?

Answer: There is a story that Leonardo had musicians play while he was painting Mona Lisa so that she would not tire of sitting quietly as a model. The expression of her eyes shows us that she is listening. And now, if we look at her beautiful hands and think of them in connection with her face, we feel the expression more intensely. The right hand rests very lightly on the left. The middle finger has no support at all. we feel that it is following the music with a light beat.

Question 5: What can we note in Renoir’s painting of his son if we look at it closely?

Answer: If we look at it closely, we can follow a rounded line leading from the child’s forehead through his shoulder and elbow, hand and brush, to his canvas. In this rounded line, Renoir wanted to show us how thoughtful Coco was when he was painting, how he put on canvas only what he had first figured out in his mind.

Question 6: Why did Renoir continue to paint and sculpt even when he became infirm?

Answer: Renoir continued to paint and sculpt even when he became infirm because it gave him joy and satisfaction as long as he lived.

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