How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear Questions & Answers

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How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear Questions & Answers

1: Complete these sentences with appropriate words from the box. You may not need all the words.

(a) The general opinion about Mr Lear is that he is cantankerous.
(b) From his appearance, we can gather that Mr Lear is rather untidy.
(c) Mr Lear has the same facial features as other men and women.
(d) Mr Lear is popular amongst his friends.
(e) By the side of the hill and on top of the mountain, Mr Lear often appears to be mournful.

Question 2: When does Mr Lear become bad-tempered?

Answer: It is Mr Lear’s appearance that make people assume that he is bad-tempered.

Question 3: Which two opinions about Mr Lear have been expressed in this poem?

Answer: The opinions expressed about Mr Lear are that he is ill tempered and queer as thought by some people as well as few find him a pleasant person.

Question 4: Describe Mr Lear’s appearance in your own words.

Answer: Mr Lear’s facial appearance is quite unpleasant. His nose is exceptionally big, his beard resembles a wig, he has eyes, ears and fingers like other men. His body is perfectly spherical and he wears a hat.

Question 5: Why does Mr Lear weep by the ocean and on top of the hill?

Answer: The poet (Mr Lear) weeps by the side of an ocean and while he is on top of the hill as he feels lonely and gets emotional by his thoughts.

Question 6: What do you think the poem is about?

Answer: The poem talks about the appearance of a person. We often judge people by his/her appearance. The poet is trying to portray the same thing through this poem. The appearance of Mr Lear is not very attractive and appealing and due to this people often judge him as a bad-tempered person. However, apart from few facial traits, he is like any other ordinary man. He has got friends, eats and drinks like others, read books, even shows emotions and few people find him a pleasant person. This shows that judging a person on the basis of appearance might be misleading sometimes.

Question 7: What kind of friends does the poet have?

Answer: The poet’s friends are common people, the priests and other officials of the church.

Question 8: Pick out two characteristics of Mr Lear which show that he is an ordinary man.

Answer: Mr Lear has ears, two eyes and ten fingers and he has ordinary men as his friends show that he is an ordinary man.

Question 9: What makes him good at his chosen profession?

Answer: Mr Lear’s mind is concrete and fastidious which means he is practical and he also reads, which makes him good at his chosen profession.

Question 10: How can we tell that the poet is not in vain?

Answer: The fact the poet has many friends, he enjoys eating pancakes and chocolate shrimp and moreover few people find him a pleasant personality, which shows that he is not in vain.

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