A Real Santa Claus Questions & Answers

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A Real Santa Claus Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Spy – see
  • Stockings – socks
  • To the brim – almost overflowing
  • Desire – wish
  • Hang – dangle
  • Chimney – a vertical tube used to emit

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) I hang for you Santa Claus by our chimney.
(b) There is a chimney in the town.
(c) There is a room in which all bare.
(d) In a broken bed, you would see someone like me.

Question 2: What does Santa Claus do?

Answer: Santa Claus brings gifts for children.

Question 3: Where does Santa Claus put the gifts?

Answer: Santa Claus puts the gifts in the stockings.

Question 4: When does Santa Claus come?

Answer: Santa Claus comes on the night of 24th December, that is Christmas eve.

Question 5: What does the boy hang by the chimney?

Answer: The boy hangs two stockings by the chimney.

Question 6: Why does the child put out another stocking?

Answer: The child puts out another stocking to get gifts from Santa and then donate them to the poor boy.

Question 7: For whom does he want the gifts and why?

Answer: He wants the gifts for the poor boy because he wishes to make his Christmas as merry as the boy was dreaming of.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

There’s a chimney in the town,
You have never travelled down.

(a) Who has been referred to as ‘you’ in these lines?

Answer: Santa Claus has been referred to as ‘you’ in these lines.

(b) What kind of a house does that chimney belong to?

Answer: The chimney belongs to an empty and bare house.

(c) How does the speaker know that the listener has never climbed down that chimney?

Answer: The speaker knows this because the boy that lives in the house has never received a gift from Santa Claus.

Question 9: Describe the other boy’s house.

Answer: The other boy’s house is empty and bare. It has no stocking and has only a broken bed.

Question 10: Why does the Christmas seem merry only in dreams to the other boy?

Answer: It was so because the boy was very poor and not having any good clothes, cakes and gifts to celebrate Christmas. He didn’t even get any gift from Santa Claus.

Question 11: What does the poor boy dream around Christmas time?

Answer: The poor boy dreams of a merry Christmas where his stockings will be full of pretty toys.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:

Dreaming of the pretty toys,
Which you bring to other boys.

(a) Who is dreaming of pretty toys?

Answer: The little boy on the broken bed is dreaming of pretty toys.

(b) What is the occasion for bringing these toys?

Answer: Christmas is the occasion for bringing these toys.

(c) Why do ‘other boys’ get the toys? What is stopping this boy from getting them?

Answer: The other boys get the toys because they have a rich family. Lack of money/poverty is stopping this boy from getting them.

Question 13: What does the poet mean by saying “I will be Santa Claus to him”.

Answer: The poet means that he wants to help the poor boy and will enable him to celebrate Christmas by giving him pretty gifts.

Question 14: What do we learn from the poem?

Answer: From this poem, we learn that we should be sensitive and helpful to others. We should donate our goodies, clothes and gifts to the poor and needy people and try to fill their life with happiness.

So, these were A Real Santa Claus Questions & Answers.