How To Copy Google Drive Folders

Hi Everyone!! In this article, I am going to share the steps to Copy Google Drive Folders. It is very easy to copy Google Drive folders. So let’s see the steps to do the same.

How To Copy Google Drive Folders

Google Drive doesn’t offer a way to copy a folder when using a web-based app. Instead, you have to copy the contents of the folder and paste it in a new folder.

To do this, open your browser and head to Google Drive. Now, open the folder you want to copy. Press Ctrl + A in Windows and Command + A in Mac. Then, right-click and click Make a Copy.

Google Drive makes a copy of each content and adds the words Copy of before them. Then, select all file copies, right-click and click on Move to.

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Now, choose the directory where you want to store the copies. Then, click on New Folder present in the bottom-left corner. Give the name of a new folder and click the check icon.

Finally, click Move Here to move the copy of the files you created. Congratulations!! Your files will be moved to the new folders.

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