How To Fix Android App Download Error

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am going to share the ways to Fix Android App Download Error. This has become a common issue in Android smartphones as they sometimes show error while downloading or updating an app despite having enough data, storage and internet connectivity. So, let’s see the ways to fix the error.

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How To Fix Android App Download Error

I have mentioned below different ways to Fox Android App Download Error. You can move on to another option if one does not fix the error.

1. Reboot Your Mobile

You can solve this problem simply by rebooting your mobile. To reboot your mobile, hold the Power Button of your smartphone and tap the Restart/Reboot option appearing on your mobile.

Restarting Your Android Smartphone to Fix Andorid App Download Error
Restarting Your Android Smartphone

2. Check For Wi-Fi or Internet

Check for your Internet connection/Wi-Fi connected to your Android mobile. Google Play Store sometimes displays an error due to no Internet/Wi-Fi connection.

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3. Configuring Play Store’s Download Option

Sometimes, if you are using Mobile Data and Google Play Store configured itself to download apps over Wi-Fi or vice-versa, you may need to change the configuration.

  • To do this, Open Play Store and click on Menu present on top-right corner.
Opening The Menu Of Google Play Store To Fix Android App Download Error
Opening The Menu Of Google Play Store
  • Now, click on Settings → App download preference and choose Over any network. By choosing this option Play Store will download apps using any connection.
Changing Google Play Store's Download Preference to Fix Android App Download Error
Changing Google Play Store’s Download Preference

If the above three ways don’t fix the error, then you will have to go through the following steps.

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4. Clearing The Cache of Google Play Store

If you still can’t download the app from Google Play Store despite having a good data connectivity and enough storage to download the app then you can follow the steps given below to clear the cache of Google Play Store.

  • Open your mobile’s Settings.
  • Search or scroll down for Apps or Applications option and tap on it.
  • Choose the option for All Apps or Application Manager or Manage Apps.
  • Choose Google Play Store from all the apps.
  • Tap on storage option.
  • Now, Tap on Clear Cache.
Clearing Cache Of Google Play Store To Fix Android App Download Error
Clearing Cache Of Google Play Store

In case, all the ways mentioned above don’t work, you should visit a service center toFix Android App Download Error . These issues are very common and don’t require a big fix but it can occur in special cases.

So, these were some ways to Fix Android App Download Error. If you found this post informative, then please share it with your friends and colleagues.

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