How To Start A Free Blog On Blogger

Hello Everyone!! Today I am going to share the steps for How To Start A Free Blog On Blogger. Creating a blog for free is possible. You can do it very easily and in a few minutes. You can create a free blog on Blogger. It is a blogging platform powered by Google. So, let’s see the steps for How To Start A Free Blog On Blogger.

How To Start A Free Blog On Blogger

Steps 1: Log In

Go to and log in using your Google (Gmail) account. Once you are logged in, click on Create New Blog.

Step 2: Name Your Blog

Then you will be asked to enter a name and a domain name of your blog. Type in the name and domain of your blog. Then, choose the theme of your blog. You can change the theme later too.

Now, your blog has been created.

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Step 3: Set Up

There are some settings that you need to set on your newly created blog. You will be now on your blog’s dashboard.

Go to Settings and click on Basic. Now, in the basic settings add a description for your blog.

Before writing your first post, I would recommend you to get to Pages and create an About and Privacy Policy page.

In your blog’s left panel, you can see the Layout and Theme options. These options will help you change the appearance and design of your blog.

Step 4: Publish First Post

Once you are ready to publish an article or a post, go to Posts tab from the dashboard and click on New Post.

Now you will see the blog post editor where you will write and edit your post. After finishing your writing, choose a title for it and enter it in the post title area. Make your post more attractive by adding headings, images, videos, etc.

Once you are done, click the PUBLISH button to make your blog post live.

So, these were the important steps for How To Start A Free Blog On Blogger. If you found this post helpful, then share it and write your suggestions/doubts in the comment section below.

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