Humpty Dumpty and Alice Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Humpty Dumpty and Alice Questions & Answers.

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Humpty Dumpty and Alice Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Alice tried to compliment Humpty Dumpty by saying that

(a) some eggs are very pretty.
(b) boiled eggs make a delicious meal.
(c) he looked exactly like an egg.

2. What did Humpty Dumpty say when he heard Alice’s name?

(a) He said that Alice should think of another name for herself.
(b) He said that ‘Alice’ was a stupid name.
(c) He said ‘Alice’ was a nice and unique name.

3. How did Humpty react when he heard that Alice knew what the King had promised?

(a) Humpty was annoyed, and he accused Alice of eavesdropping.
(b) Humpty was angry, so he rushed to the King’s court to complain.
(c) Humpty completely ignored what Alice said and continued speaking.

Question 2: How did Alice meet Humpty Dumpty?

Answer: Alice met Humpty Dumpty at the sheep’s shop where she had gone to buy an egg.

Question 3: What opinion did Humpty have about Alice’s and his own name?

Answer: Humpty thought that Alice was a stupid name and his own name meant the shape he was.

Question 4: Why was Alice worried about Humpty Dumpty?

Answer: Alice was worried about Humpty Dumpty because the wall on which he was sitting was too narrow and she thought he would be safer on the ground.

Question 5: According to Humpty Dumpty, what did his name mean?

Answer: Humpty Dumpty said that his name meant his shape.

Question 6: What had the king promised to Humpty Dumpty?

Answer: The King had promised to send all his horses and all his men.

Question 7: Did Alice really enter the looking glass? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: No, Alice did not really enter the looking glass. She was just imagining. The whole situation is based on her fantasy and doesn’t appear real.

Question 8: What kind of fiction do you think ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is? Give reasons.

Answer: I think ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is a fantasy novel because situations like such can only exist in one’s imagination. They are not real or true.

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