I Have a Change Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share I Have a Change Questions & Answers.

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I Have a Change Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

a. What did David see when Ham asked him to look at the house?

i. a cottage
ii. a shipyard
iii. a boat

b. The boat on which the Pegottys lived

i. had never been on water.
ii. was built to be a house.
iii. had been on water many times.

c. The boat house was

i. tidy and beautifully decorated.
ii. messy and plain.
iii. messy and full of things.

Question 2: Did David like the idea of living on a boat?

Answer: Yes, David found the place delightful.

Question 3: Why did David guess that the hairy man was Peggotty’s brother?

Answer: David’s handkerchief smelled like lobster because Peggotty’s brothers sold lobsters, crab, and crawfish, and had stored quite a few of them in an outhouse with the pots and kettles.

Question 4: Was David with people who were kind and caring? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: David was with people who were kind and caring. They had made up a bedroom for David, with a little window, a little- looking glass, a little bed, and flowers. They also fed him well.

Question 5: How did David guess that the hairy man was Peggotty’s brother?

Answer: David was able to guess that the hairy man was Peggotty’s brother because he had a good-natured face, he called her “lass”, and he gave her a hearty smack on her cheek.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

The wonderful charm of it was, that it was a real boat which had no doubt been upon the water hundred of times, and which had never been intended to be lived in, on dry land.

(a) What is being talked about here?

Answer: These lines refer to Peggotty’s home, the boat.

(b) What does David mean by been upon the water hundreds of times?

Answer: This means that the boat had been ridden on the river several times.

(c) How was the original intention with which the boat was made different from its current state?

Answer: The boat was intended to be taken out on the river several times. However, it was now permanently moored.

Question 7. Explain what Mr Peggotty meant when he said – “You will find us rough, sir, but you will find us ready.”

Answer: By stating this line, Peggotty’s brother means that though they may seem crude, they are still hospitable and ready to help.

Question 8: What does this story tell you about David? Write down at least three things you learn about David from this story.

Answer: David is observant, as we can see from his detailed description of Pegotty’s home. He is also kind in the way he speaks to the other characters and is grateful for having been given a place to stay.

So, these were I Have a Change Questions & Answers.

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