In Conversation with J K Rowling Questions & Answers

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In Conversation with J K Rowling Questions & Answers

Question 1: List the following in your notebook.

a. One job other than writing that J. K. Rowling enjoyed.

Answer: Teaching

b. Two characters Rowling based on real people.

Answer: Gilderoy Lockhart and Ron Weasley.

c. Three places where Rowling has thought of ideas for her stories.

Answer: Airplane, train and cafes.

d. The number of the book in which we can read about creatures that Rowling invented.

Answer: Book IV

e. The story Rowling wrote when she was in the 5th grade.

Answer: A story about seven cursed diamonds.

f. What Rowling wrote when she was 6 years old.

Answer: A very long short story.

Question 2: Read the sentences given below. Write true or false. Rewrite the ones that are false.

(a) Rowling met a boy called Harry Potter on a train – False

Correct Statement: Rowling did not meet a boy like Harry Potter on a train. She created him on a train. So, the character was not based on anyone real.

b. The character of Hermione is based on Rowling herself – True

c. Rowling’s daughter gives her ideas for her stories – False

Correct Statement: Rowling’s daughter does not give her ideas for her stories. All the ideas belong to Rowling herself. Her daughter loves the books.

d. Rowling enjoyed being a teacher – True

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

ROWLING: I haven’t drawn it, because it would be difficult for the most skilled architect to draw, owing to the fact that the staircases and the rooms keep moving. However, I have a very vivid mental image of what it looks like.

i. What has Rowling not drawn?

Answer: Rowling has not drawn the actual floorplan of Hogwarts.  

ii. Why is it difficult to draw?

Answer: It is difficult to draw the floorplan because the staircases and the rooms keep moving.

iii. How is Rowling able to write about this even though she has not drawn it?

Answer: She is able to write about it because she has a very vivid mental image of what Hogwarts looks like.

Question 4: Read the lines and answer the questions:

STUDENT: How does it feel to know that millions of kids are reading your books?

i. What does this question tell us about Rowling’s popularity?

Answer: This question tells us that Rowling is very popular among children and she is a household name now.

ii. When did Rowling realize that millions of kids were reading her books?

Answer: Rowling realized that millions of kids were reading her books only when she visited the States and met thousands and thousands of people at book signings.

iii. What does Rowling say in reply to this question?

Answer: Rowling says that it is amazing to know that she has such a huge fan base and readership.

Question 5: In this interview, J.K. Rowling tells the students about her writing habits. Describe how she writes.

Answer: For Rowling, writing is a constant process. She writes nearly every day and when her mind is full of ideas, the writing goes on for longer. She thinks about her stories and ideas on trains, airplanes and cafes. She is passionate about writing and has been writing since she was a child.

Question 6: J.K. Rowling gives three reasons why all young people must read. List three reasons and add one of your own.

Ans: According to Rowling, reading:
(a) is fun
(b) gives you an understanding of what makes good writing
(c) improves your vocabulary
(d) I think apart from these reasons, reading also broadens your imagination and visualization abilities.

Question 7: Apart from saying that they must read, what other advice does Rowling have for young people who want to write?

Answer: In addition to reading extensively, Rowling says that young people must write regularly. She says that they should start by writing about things they know including their experiences and feelings.

Question 8: List two qualities that you can see in J.K. Rowling through her answers to the questions. Give evidence from the interview to support your answer.

Answer: Rowling comes across as a very approachable and down to earth person. Firstly, the way she has answered the questions shows her to be good with kids. Secondly, she also seems very organized as she writes regularly and is very passionate about her writing.

Question 9: Good interviewers have sufficient information about the people they interview, they are polite, they ask interesting questions and they are also good listener. Were the students good interviewers? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, the students were good interviewers. The questions were polite and to the point. They also gave an insight into Rowling as a personality and a writer. There were no controversial questions or digs into personal life.

So, these were In Conversation with J K Rowling Questions & Answers.

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