It Can Be Done Questions & Answers

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It Can Be Done Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • In solemn pride – Here, it means ‘looking very serious, grand and important’.
  • Aloof – separately, without getting involved in anything
  • Venture – adventure, a dangerous or risky task
  • Reproof – criticism, negative comments
  • Efface – wipe out, remove

Question 1: Who misses all the fun?

Answer: The man who has a negative approach in trying out new things and says, ‘It can’t be done.’ misses all the fun.

Question 2: What does the title of the poem say?

Answer: The title of the poem, ‘It can be done’ suggests that nothing is impossible and whatever goals we set for ourselves can be completed.

Question 3: What does the man who misses all the fun do?

Answer: The man who misses all the fun stands aloof with a solemn pride, remains away from other people and harshly criticizes any kind of new venture.

Question 4: Why does he ‘miss all the fun’?

Answer: He misses all the fun because he doesn’t get involved with other people because of his solemn pride. He also misses the fun that one gets during the process of working on new projects and inventions. He is never ready to face any obstacle with a positive attitude of overcoming it.

Question 5: What would he do if he had the power to do it?

Answer: If he had the power to do it, he would happily erase all the developments made by man and also the history of the human race.

Question 6: What examples of man’s progress have been given in the poem?

Answer: The examples of man’s progress have been given in the poem are: inventions of the radio, motor car, electric lights, telegraph and the telephone.

Question 7: What should human beings do in order to make progress?

Answer: In order to make progress, human beings should have a positive approach towards life that will not only help them to overcome the problems and difficulties but will also help them to go ahead on the path of progress.

Question 8: List the pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Aloof-reproof, efface-race, cars-stars, telephone-stone.

So, these were It Can Be Done Questions & Answers.

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