Yonamine and Bushi Questions & Answers

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Yonamine and Bushi Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was Yonamine the most admired girl in Okinawa?

Answer: Yonamine Chiru was the most admired girl in Okinawa because she was intelligent, tall, strong, big and beautiful and most important of all, she was so well trained in Karate that no one could beat her.

Question 2: Why was Yonamine’s father worried?

Answer: Yonaminewas beautiful and she would inherit a fortune from him. So, Yonamine’s father was wondering where he would find a young man who would come forward to marry a woman who was stronger than him.

Question 3: What were Yonamine’s idea about marriage?

Answer: Yonamine had her own ideas about marriage. She had declared firmly that she would only marry a man who could beat her in a fair fight.

Question 4: Describe Kojo.

Answer: Kojo was so tall and well-built that his hands were like shovels, and his legs resembled tree trunks. He was actually bigger and stronger than Yonamine.

Question 5: Why was Yonamine angry with Kojo?

Answer: Yonamine was angry with Kojo because he played foul. As Yonamine was bowing to him, in the customary sign of respect to one’s opponent, he threw a punch at her, breaking the rules of the game.

Question 6: How was Kojo defeated?

Answer: Yonamine caught hold of Kojo’s arm and twisted it so powerfully that the unsportive Kojo fell down in a heap and had to limp away, defeated.

Question 7: Why was Yonamine’s father in despair?

Answer: Yonamine’s father was in despair because many promising young wrestlers tried their hand, but Yonamine defeated them all. So, he was wondering who would marry a girl who enjoyed wrestling as young men wanted to marry girls who would cook and wash and make tea for their husbands.

Question 8: Who was Bushi Kiyo?

Answer: Bushi Kiyo was an expert Karate player and the personal guard of Shoka, the King of Okinawa.

Yonamine and Bushi Questions & Answers

Question 9: Why did Bushi decide to marry a girl like Yonamine?

Answer: Bushi decided to marry a girl like Yonamine because he did not want a delicate, fragile girl for a wife.

Question 10: Why was Yonamine impressed at the sight of her new challenger?

Answer: Yonamine had heard that her new challenger was one of King Shoko’s personal warriors. He was tall and slim, stood firmly on his feet and seemed unshakeable. Above all, he had dark piercing eyes, which looked straight at the opponent, and showed that he was fearless and straightforward.

Question 11: How Bushi defeated Yonamine in the wrestling match?

Answer: When the wrestling match began, Yonamine and Bushi bowed to each other and then began to attack each other in earnest. They punched, kicked and twisted, using their best techniques. It looked as if the match was going to be a tie… nobody winning, nobody losing… But, at a crucial moment in the fight, Yonamine paused, ever so briefly. Bushi took advantage of the moment, and brought her down with a swift punch. That is how Bushi defeated Yonamine in the wrestling match.

Question 12: Do you think Yonamine was a good housewife?

Answer: Yes, Yonamine was a good housewife. She was kind and loving, cooked, cleaned and kept the house spick and span.

Question 13: Why did Bushi tell Yonamine not to travel at night?

Answer: Bushi told Yonamine not to travel at night because it is just not safe for a woman to go out alone after it is dark. Moreover, there were bandits roaming about.

Question 14: What opinion did Bushi have of Yonamine?

Answer: Bushi thought that Yonamine was overconfident of her strength and skill.

Question 15: Why did Bushi disguise himself as a bandit?

Answer: Bushi disguised himself as a bandit, wearing shabby clothes, smearing dark colours over his hands and covering his face with a scarf. This is because he wanted to scare Yonamine who dared to travel in the dark and wanted to teach her a lesson for her own good.

Question 16: Describe Yonamine’s fight with Bushi (disguised as a bandit)

Answer: On the way to her father’s home, when Yonamine crossed the clump of trees, Bushi jumped out from behind the trees and tried to attack her. Yonamine was swift and sharp in her reaction to the attack. She held her attacker by the hand and kicked him with such force that the attacker fell to the ground, unconscious. Yonamine dragged him and tied him to a tree with her sash.

Question 17: Why lesson did Bushi learn?

Answer: Bushi learnt not to underestimate anybody, especially women.

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