Twelve Silver Cups Questions & Answers

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Twelve Silver Cups Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Jeffery won twelve silver cups for _______.

i. running
ii. swimming
iii. gardening

(b) _________stole Jeffery’s silver cups.

i. A burglar
ii. A tortoise
iii. The police

(c) __________ called the police.

i. Jeffery
ii. Daddy
iii. Mother

(d) Spot is a ______ and Slowcoach is a ________.

i. tortoise, dog
ii. cat, tortoise
iii. dog, tortoise

(e) Where did Jeffery find Slowcoach?

i. In the garden
ii. In the field
iii. In the sack

(f) What was inside the sack?

i. His silver cups
ii. Slowcoach
iii. A rope

Question 2: How did Jeffery feel about winning the cups?

Answer: Jeffery felt proud and happy when he won his silver cups.

Question 3: What happened to Jeffery’s cups?

Answer: One night, a burglar broke into Jeffery’s house and stole them.

Question 4: What was Slowcoach doing in the field?

Answer: Slowcoach was digging the earth and was trying to bury himself in the field.

Question 5: Where were Jeffery’s cups?

Answer: Jeffery’s cups were in a sack that was buried in the field.

Question 6: How did Jeffery feel at the end of the story?

Answer: At the end of the story, Jeffery felt elated because he got back his silver cups.

Question 7: Why do you think the thief left the cups behind after stealing them?

Answer: I think the thief was finding it difficult to carry the heavy silver cups. So, he buried them in the field with plans of coming back later and getting them.

Question 8: Do you know what the word ‘Slowcoach’ means? Why do you think Jeffery’s tortoise was named Slowcoach?

Answer: ‘Slowcoach’ means a person or animal who moves or does things very slowly.
Tortoises move very slowly. Probably that’s why Jeffery’s tortoise was given that name.

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