Journey Through The Hills and Valleys Questions & Answers

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Journey Through The Hills and Valleys Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Valley – an elongated depression of the earth’s surface usually between ranges of hills
  • Tunnel – a covered passage way
  • Lush – over grown
  • Astounding – amazing
  • Serene – peaceful
  • Sumptuous – luxurious
  • Brimming – overflow
  • Monumental – very great
  • Phenomenon – an observable event
  • Ceremonial – ritual
  • Auspicious – favorable

Question 1: Choose the right option:

(a) The most favourable time to visit Araku is ________

i. between November to January
ii. between June to August
iii. between August to October
iv. between October to December

(b) Araku and Lambasingi are in the ________

i. Western Ghats
ii. North Eastern Ghats
iii. Eastern Ghats
iv. East West Ghats

(c) The dance performed by the tribes in Araku is called ________

i. Savara
ii. Dhimsa
iii. Kuchipudi
iv. Folk

(d) Borra caves are made of ________

i. karsatic Limestone
ii. chalk Limestone
iii. tufa Limestone
iv. coquina Limestone

(e) Ananthagiri hills are popular for ________

i. waterfalls
ii. flowers
iii. coffee plantations
iv. Both i & iii

Question 2: Why was the journey to the tribal area a memorable one to the author?

Answer: The author has never experienced the most exciting moments of the train journey to Araku till then. For the first time in his life, the author saw the astounding tunnels, wonderful waterfalls, valleys, caves and other natural beauties during the train journey. He wondered with God’s Architecture that was seen in Borra Caves. The author’s visit to Tyda Nature Camp which offers pleasant and serene atmosphere, Tribal Museum, Padmapuram Gardens that have enchanting tree-huts, Lambasingi, the coolest place, Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary and the images of all the other scenic beauties gave the author memorable and amazing experience. Hence, the author felt that his journey to the tribal area was a memorable one.

Question 3: Which places did the author visit on his journey?

Answer: The author visited Borra Caves, Tyda Natural Camp, Coffee Museum, Padmapuram Gardens, Araku, Lambasingi on his journey.

Question 4: How did the travellers enjoy the train journey?

Answer: The travellers enjoyed the stunning beauty of tunnels, wonderful waterfalls, the steep valleys, caves, lushing greenery, blossoms and the other scenic beauties during their train journey from Vishakhapatnam to Borra Caves.

Question 5: What are the beautiful scenic places that the tourists visited in Lambasingi?

Answer: The tourists visited the place that is fenced by towering hills, tall green trees and surrounded by the mist. This area in Lambasingi provides a perfect magical setting to enjoy winters. They experienced the warmth of sunrise at Lambasingi that gave them an auspicious start of the day that lasts forever.

Question 6: How does the author describe the Ananthagiri hills?

Answer: The author describes that the Ananthagiri hills are brimming with coffee plantations and waterfalls. These hills are located between Tyda and Araku Valley.

Question 7: How do the tribal people earn their living?

Answer: The tribal people earn their living by selling their handicrafts made with bamboos, spices collected from forests and products of their farming.

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