Julius Caesar Questions & Answers

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Julius Caesar Questions & Answers

Question 1: What does Calpurnia try to convince Caesar?

Answer: Calpurnia tries to stop Caesar from going to Senate and to remain in the house.

Question 2: What reasons did Brutus give for murdering Caesar?

Answer: Brutus argued that Caesar was becoming ambitious and might wish to become the absolute ruler of Rome. Hence it was necessary to kill Caesar.

Question 3: Explain Calpurnia’s dream.

Answer: Calpurnia dreamt that a lion was seen on the streets of Rome and graves opened up during the night to throw out the dead. Blood had poured from skies and ghosts shrieked.

Question 4: Who were jealous of Caesar’s meteoric rise?

Answer: Casca, Decius, Cinna, Cassius and all the members of the Roman Senate were jealous of Caesar’s meteoric rise.

Question 5: Why did Caesar go to the stadium?

Answer: Caesar went to the stadium to watch the games.

Question 6: Describe the river Tiber incident.

Answer: Once when the river Tiber was flooded, Caesar asked Cassius if he had the courage to jump into it. Cassius jumped and Caesar followed him. After sometimes, Caesar started to sink and cried out to Cassius to save his life.

Question 7: Why did Cassius poison the mind of Brutus?

Answer: Cassius poisoned the mind of Brutus against Caesar for his own gain. He wanted the people to know that Brutus was for the people while Caesar was thinking of becoming more powerful.

Julius Caesar Questions & Answers

Question 8: Who among the conspirators had a genuine love for Rome?

Answer: Brutus was the only conspirator who genuinely loved Rome.

Question 9: What did Lucius bring to Brutus?

Answer: Lucius brought an anonymous letter which asked him to save Rome from Caesar.

Question 10: Who offered the crown to Caesar?

Answer: Mark Anthony offered the crown to Caesar three times.

Question 11: Who volunteered to escort Caesar to the capitol?

Answer: Decius volunteered to escort Caesar to the capitol.

Question 12: According to Brutus, why was Anthony not to be killed?

Answer: Brutus considered Anthony as a limb of Caesar. Once the head (Caesar) was cut off, there was no need to chop the limb (Anthony).

Question 13: Describe the day of Caesar’s death?

Answer: On the day of Caesar’s death, the weather was dismal and dreary. It had rained and thundered all night.

Question 14: Who is Calpurnia? What did she try to do?

Answer: Calpurnia was Caesar’s wife. She tried to convince Caesar to remain at home and not to go to the Senate.

Question 15: Why was Calpurnia so scared on that fateful day?

Answer: Calpurnia was sacred because the previous night she dreamt of ghosts, a lion walking on the street of Rome, opening of graves and blood being poured from the sky. She was afraid that something bad was going to happen to Caesar.

Julius Caesar Questions & Answers

Question 16: How was Artemidorus being helpful to Caesar?

Answer: Artemidorus wanted to warn Caesar about the plot against him. He wanted to hand Caesar a letter and said, “My suit concerns you personally. Read it first.”

Question 17: Describe the stabbing incident.

Answer: Every member of the Senate was pleading with Caesar to forgive Publius Climber. When Brutus did not kneel and plead with Caesar, Caesar asked why he did not do so. At this stage, Casca and the other Senators stabbed him one after the other. Yet the brave Caesar did not fall. Lastly, when Brutus too stabbed him, he could not stand it as his best friend had betrayed him. Dying, he fell to the ground.

Question 18: What did Cinna call out after Caesar’s death?

Answer: When Caesar lay down dead on the ground, the noblemen dipped their hands in his blood and Cinna called out “Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!”

Question 19: What did Brutus advise the people of Rome?

Answer: Brutus advised the people not to be panic-stricken, no harm would come to them or to Rome as Caesar had paid for his ambition by his death. He asked the people to wait for him at the market place where he would tell them why it had become necessary to kill Caesar.

Question 20: Mark Anthony collected himself and addressed the senate. What did he say?

Answer: Mark Anthony collected himself and addressed the senate, “I do not understand what you want, gentleman, but if you wish to kill me also, do so now.”

Question 21: What did Anthony do with Caesar’s body?

Answer: Anthony was kneeling beside his friend’s body and asked whether Caesar’s conquests, glories, triumphs and spoils brought him to this state. At last, he collected himself and carrying Caesar’s body, he went to the market place to know why the senate members had killed him. He promised that he will revenge his murder.

Question 22: How did the people react after Mark Anthony’s speech?

 Answer: The Romans after hearing Mark Anthony’s speech said, “Caesar has been betrayed by the senate! Remember, he refused to accept the crown thrice. He was certainly not ambitious!”

Question 23: The people of Sardis and Philippi loved Mark Anthony. Elucidate.

Answer: The people of Sardis and Philippi loved Mark Anthony as Brutus said that if they didn’t leave to meet Octavius Caesar and Mark Anthony, then the army of Mark Anthony would grow bigger. If Octavius Caesar and Mark Anthony’s army was to march towards Philippi, then the people between Philippi and Sardis would keep joining them as they loved him and they would grow stronger and eventually win the battle.

Julius Caesar Questions & Answers

Question 24: How did Brutus meet his death?

Answer: During the battle Brutus army had become tired because of the long march from Sardis to Philippi. There was no co-operation among his own friends because of this they started to lose. Brutus and some of his followers ran away from the battle ground. Brutus killed himself as he did not want to be humiliated by his conquerors.

Question 25: Why was Casca pleading with Caesar?

Answer: Casca was pleading with Caesar to pardon the mistake of Publius Climber.

Question 26: Why did Cassius want to convince Brutus that Caesar had to be removed from power by force?

Answer: Cassius knew that people would now accept his reviews. Brutus was the only man whom they would accept as their new leader. Hence, Cassius wanted to convince Brutus that Caesar had to be removed from power by force.

Question 27: In the beginning of the play when Caesar and a crowd of people were passing by, whom did Cassius stop? What did Cassius learn from him?

Answer: Cassius stopped Casca who was following Caesar. Caesar’s friend Mark Anthony had offered the crown thrice but Caesar refused to accept it. It appeared that if it would have been offered a fourth time he would have accepted it and become the King of Rome.

Question 28: What thoughts passed through Brutus mind that night that convinced him that Caesar had to be killed?

Answer: Brutus knew that he had no personal issues regarding Caesar but if he was made the king, his nature would change. He may abuse power and forget that he had grown from nothing.

So, these were Julius Caesar Questions & Answers.

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