The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 2 Questions & Answers

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The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 2 Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Disguise – to change the appearance in order to conceal the identity of someone
  • Queer – strange
  • Adoring – loving deeply
  • Squeal – a long high-pitched yelp
  • Freckles – small brownish spots on the skin
  • Ridiculous – deserving to be laughed at

Question 1: Why were the children puzzled when Fatty came out of the house?

Answer: The children were puzzled when Fatty came out of the house because they thought that Fatty had gone to Tippylooloo.

Question 2: How did Buster behave when the children were at Fatty’s place?

Answer: Buster came tearing up to the children barking madly. His tail was wagging nineteen to the dozen. He flung himself on them and tried to jump and bark at the same time.

Question 3: Describe the telegraph boy.

Answer: The telegraph-boy was a red-haired chap with freckles and a cheeky kind of voice.  

Question 4: Why did the children want to meet the telegraph-boy?

Answer: When the children came to know that the telegraph-boy had bought a fake telegram, they wanted to meet him to ask a few questions.

Question 5: How does Bets guess the truth about the telegraph boy?

Answer: Bets was astonished to see Buster liking the telegraph-boy. So, she guessed that he was none other than Fatty when Buster looked at him adoringly.

The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 2 Questions & Answers

Question 6: Which traits of Fatty’s character show that he is the real leader of the Find-Outers?

Answer: Fatty is surely the real leader of the Find-Outers because he is the one who dared to do all kinds of things. He is a very good actor. He is intelligent enough to disguise himself and befool everyone, including the policeman Mr. Goon.

Question 7: What is the importance of Buster in the story?

Answer: It was Buster who could identify the telegraph boy’s true identity. Buster at once knew that it was Fatty and only then were the others able to recognize him.

Question 8: “Well, we all helped to solve the mysteries you know.” Why did Pip say this?

Answer: Pip said so because the telegraph boy was praising Fatty excessively, so Pip thought that it was time that the others got praise too.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“That was a dud telegram that you brought,” said Larry. “A fake, a joke. Did you fake it?” “Me, fake it! Coo, I’d lose my job.”

(a) Why do they meet the telegraph-boy?
Answer: They meet the telegraph-boy to ask him if he has sent that fake telegram.

(b) Is he really a telegraph-boy?
Answer: No, he is not really a telegraph-boy.

(c) Who has faked the telegram? For what purpose has he done so?
Answer: Fatty had faked the telegram. He has done so just for some fun. Perhaps, also to show off his acting.

(d) Where is Fatty at this time?
Answer: At this time Fatty is disguised as a telegraph boy.

The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 2 Questions & Answers

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“Tippylooloo! What’s all this nonsense?” said Mrs. Trotteville. She raised her voice, “Fredrick! Come here a minute!”

(a) Why did the speaker say “Tippylooloo! What’s all this nonsense?”
Answer: Mrs. Trotteville said so because there was no point sending Fatty alone to any place.

(b) Who is Frederick? Why does Mrs. Trotteville call him straight away?
Answer: Frederick is Fatty. Mrs. Trotteville calls him straight away to ask him what exactly was going on.

(c) How did the others react seeing Frederick coming out of the house?
Answer: Everyone was puzzled to see Fatty.

(d) How does Frederick act while speaking to them? What does it tell us about Frederick’s character?
Answer: Frederick acted as if he did not know anything about the telegram. It tells us that he was a funny and intelligent boy.

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“Fatty! It’s the most wonderful disguise!” said Pip enviously. “But how do you manage to twist up your mouth to make it different and screw up your eyes to make them smaller and all that kind of things?”

(a) What does disguise mean?
Answer: ‘Disguise’ means altering one’s true identity.

(b) What reply does Fatty give to Pip’s question?
Answer: Fatty replies that, he was just showing off his good acting skills.

(c) Was Fatty able to fool his friends? Support with your reason.
Answer: Yes, Fatty was able to fool his friends quite successfully. No one was able to recognize him for a long time. Even the town policeman could not recognize him. It was only Buster’s reaction towards him that gave Fatty away.

(d) Besides Pip and Fatty, name the other Find-Outers present there?
Answer: Besides Pip and Fatty, there were Larry, Daisy, Bets and Buster (Scottie dog).

So, these were The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 2 Questions & Answers.

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