Kalidasa Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Kalidasa Questions & Answers.

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Kalidasa Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. Kalidasa means ‘the servant of the goddess Kali’ – True
2. Kalidasa was King Vikramaditya’s court painter – False
3. Vidyawati was a beautiful and learned dancer – False
4. The princess said, ‘Whoever can answer my questions will be my husband’ – True
5. The goddess Kali painted the holy letters of the Sanskrit language on Kalidasa’s tongue – True

Question 2: Who was angry with Vidyawati? What did they want to do?

Answer: Many kings, warriors and learned men were angry with Vidyawati. They wanted to teach her a lesson.

Question 3: The learned men saw someone sitting on a branch of a tree. Who was he? What was he doing?

Answer: He was a shepherd. He was cutting the branch of a tree on which he was sitting.

Question 4: What did the learned men do when the shepherd woke up?

Answer: The learned men did the following things when the shepherd woke up:

(a) They bathed him.
(b) They rubbed oil into his skin.
(c) Sprinkled perfume on him.
(d) Dressed him in fine clothes.
(e) Tied a white and gold turban on his head.

Question 5: How did the false scholar answer Vidyawati’s questions?

Answer: The false scholar made actions with his hands to answer Vidyawati’s questions.

Question 6: Who explained the shepherd’s answers?

Answer: The scholars explained the shepherd’s answers.

Question 7: Why was the princess shocked?

Answer: The princess was shocked to find that the young scholar was an illiterate shepherd.

Question 8: The princess told her foolish husband to follow her plan. Rearrange and number the sentences of the plan in the correct order.


…2…Bolt the door from inside.
…4…She will ask you to let her in.
…1…Go to the Kali temple tonight.
…3…The goddess Kali will knock on the door at midnight.
…5…Tell her you will open the door only if she blesses you with wisdom.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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