Lachit Borphukan Questions & Answers

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Lachit Borphukan Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences:

1. Lachit beheaded his uncle because he neglected his duty.
2. Lachit was educated in humanities, scriptures and military skills.
3. His mortal remains lie at the Lachit Maidam built by Swargadeo Udayaditya Singha.

Question 2: How many times the Ahoms defeated the Mughals?

Answer: The Ahoms defeated the Mughals seventeen times.

Question 3: Under whose leadership did the Ahoms win the Battle of Saraighat?

Answer: The Ahoms won the Battle of Saraighat under the leadership of Lachit Borphukan.

Question 4: Whom did Lachit Borphukan employ as a supervisor?

Answer: Lachit Borphukan employed his maternal uncle as a supervisor.

Question 5: What did Lachit find when he came for inspection at night?

Answer: When Lachit came for inspection at night he found that the work was not progressing satisfactorily.

Question 6: What was the name of Lachit’s father?

Answer: The name of Lachit’s father was Momai Tamuli Borbarua, the first Borbarua of upper Assam.

Question 7: What was the first responsibility given to Lachit Borphukan?

Answer: The first responsibility given to Lachit Borphukan was scarf bearer (Soladhara Barua) of the Ahom Swaegodeo.

Question 8: Who said, “Dexotkoi Momai Dangor nohoi”?

Answer: Lachit Borphukan said “Dexotkoi Momai Dangor nohoi”.

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