Lena’s Dreams Questions & Answers

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Lena’s Dreams Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why do you think the hotel was called Quarrymen’s Hotel?

Answer: The hotel was called Quarrymen’s Hotel as it was near a quarry and the men who worked there were the most common boarders in the hotel.

Question 2: Was Lena happy with her job? Give two examples to support your answer.

Answer: Lena wasn’t happy with her job. Two examples to support this: Since daylight she had slaved, doing the work of a full-grown woman, scrubbing the floors, washing the plates and cups, making the beds and supplying wood, and water to the roommates in the depressing hotel. Her back and limbs were sore and aching.

Question 3: How did Lena derive comfort and hope from Grimm?

Answer: Lena derived comfort and hope from Grimm. Whichever tale she read, she found in it an analogy to her own condition. When the troubles got unbearable, there came the good fairy or the gallant prince to the rescue.

Question 4: Why does the author call Lena’s condition a ‘wicked enchantment’?

Answer: The author calls Lena’s condition a ‘wicked enchantment’, as like the spell of a wicked witch, it was robbing her of her childhood.

Question 5: What is the author referring to by the phrase ‘an ogre’s castle’?

Answer: The author is referring to the hotel where Lena worked by the phrase ‘an ogre’s castle’.

Question 6: Who do you think is Mrs Maloney? Why does she take Grimm away?

Answer: Mrs Maloney is the person who owns the hotel. She took Grimm away declaring sharply that it would was not right for servants to read at night; as they lost sleep and did not work briskly the next day.

Question 7: What does the idiom ‘to add the last straw’ mean?

Answer: The idiom ‘to add the last straw’ means the last in a series of bad events, etc. that makes it impossible for someone to accept a situation any longer.

Question 8: Match the following words with their meanings:

Column AColumn B
1. Toila. the state of being under a magical spell.
2. Dinb. a comparison between two things.
3. Quarryc. something that hides one’s original identity.
4. Enchantmentd. loud, unpleasant and prolonged noise.
5. Analogye. a man-eating giant from folklore.
6. Persecutef. a form of words used as a magical charm.
7. Disguiseg. work extremely hard for long hours.
8. Gallanth. prevent a person from having something.
9. Ogrei. prove more powerful or superior.
10. Spellj. extract stone or minerals from a large, deep pit.
11. Prevailk. treat with hostility and aggression.
12. Deprivel. chivalrous; heroic; brave
Answer: 1-g, 2-d, 3-j, 4-a, 5-b, 6-k, 7-c, 8-l, 9-e, 10-f, 11-i, 12-h

So, these were Lena’s Dreams Questions & Answers.

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