Little World of Mud Questions & Answers

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Little World of Mud Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who introduced the author to the ‘pond world’?

Answer: Grandfather introduced the author to the ‘pond world’.

Question 2: What are tadpoles?

Answer: Tadpoles are baby frogs.

Question 3: What had grandfather brought in a glass jar when he was young?

Answer: Grandfather brought home a number of green tree-frogs in a glass jar when he was young.

Question 4: Why did grandfather have to shake the glass jar every flow and then early in one day?

Answer: The tree-frogs would begin croaking early morning and would only quieten after the jar was shaken well. So, grandfather shook the glass jar now and then to make them keep quiet and not rouse the whole house with their croaking.

Question 5: How would the author spend time when he was all alone near the pond?

Answer: When he was all alone near the pond, the author would explore its banks and shallows, take off his shoes to wade into the muddy water up to his knees and pluck the water lilies on its surface.

Question 6: Who was Ramu? What was his reaction when he first saw the author?

Answer: Ramu was a boy, slightly older than the author and was the owner of the buffaloes that wallowed in the pond. He was from a family of milk-vendors and had little schooling but he was knowledgeable in folklore and about birds and animals. When he first saw the author, he smiled and invited him to join him for a swim, offering to teach the author how to swim.

Question 7: Choose the correct option:

1. Grandfather told the author that tadpoles eat

(a) fish and tiny creature.
(b) insects.
(c) one another most of the time.

2. Ramu offered to teach the author

(a) to balance himself on a buffalo’s back.
(b) to swim.
(c) to catch fish.

3. The buffaloes, frogs and the Sarus cranes

(a) shared the friendship of Ramu and the author.
(b) were disliked by the author.
(c) were driven away by Ramu.

Little World of Mud Questions & Answers

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “Their croaking would drive her crazy.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: This was said by the author to his grandfather.

(b) Who is referred to by using ‘their’?

Answer: ‘Their’ refers to the frogs.

(c) Who is ‘her’ in the above sentence and what would drive her ‘crazy’?

Answer: ‘Her’ refers to the author’s grandmother. The croaking of the frogs would drive her ‘crazy’.

(d) What does this reflect about the character of the particular person?

Answer: It shows that grandmother liked the house to be quiet and peaceful and not noisy.

2. “It is also important that we respect them.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: This was said by grandfather to the author.

(b) Who is implied by ‘we’?

Answer: People are implied by ‘we’.

(c) Who is referred to by ‘them’ and why should they be respected?

Answer: ‘Them’ refers to ‘Birds and animals’. They should be respected because they also have the rights on the earth.

(d) What do these words indicate about the general outlook of the speaker?

Answer: These words indicate that the speaker is gentle, generous and kind-hearted to sustain the nature.

Question 9: Describe the author’s first impression of the pond.

Answer: The author’s first impression was there was not much to be rainwater found in the pond.

Question 10: Why was grandmother outraged one early morning?

Answer: Grandmother was outraged one early morning when she discovered the tree-frogs making a loud noise early in the morning.

Question 11: How did the tree-frogs move out of the house?

Answer: One of the author’s aunts took the cover off the bottle containing the tree-frogs to see what was inside. She was so frightened on seeing them that she ran off without shutting the bottle. The frogs jumped out, got lost in the garden and were never seen again.

Question 12: Did the author enjoy visits to the pond? Give instances from the story to substantiate your answer.

Answer: The author enjoyed visiting the pond. He went alone to explore its banks and shallows, wade in it and pluck water lilies. He also liked to play with his new friend, Ramu and his buffaloes and he learnt to swim and the folklore about the sarus cranes from Ramu. He would hide from grandmother to go to the pond even if he came back covered with mud and scum.

Question 13: Describe the friendship between Ramu and the author.

Answer: Ramu was a little older than the author. He was the owner of buffaloes which wallowed in the pond. Coming from a family of milk-vendors, Ramu had little schooling but knew a lot about folklore, birds and animals that he shared with the author. He was friendly and invited the author to the pond, teaching him to swim, play with the buffaloes and appreciate the birds and animals. The author and Ramu became such good friends that he would sneak away quietly from his house to play with Ramu in the pond.

Question 14: What is a Sarus? How do Sarus cranes behave?

Answer: The sarus cranes are tall, stork-like birds with naked red heads and long red legs. They are devoted companions and can grieve for a lost mate often pining away to death. They are almost like watch-dogs making loud trumpet-like calls if strangers approach.

Question 15: Who accepted the author and Ramu as part of their world? Why?

Answer: The buffaloes, the frogs and the sarus cranes had adopted the author and Ramu as part of their world because the boys spent long afternoons at the pond and shared their friendship. They did not tease or harm the creatures in any way.

So, these were Little World of Mud Questions & Answers.

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