Port Blair A Dreamland Questions & Answers

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Port Blair A Dreamland Questions & Answers

Question 1: How can one reach Andaman Islands?

Answer: The Andaman Islands can be reached by air as there are flights connecting Port Blair on the islands with Kolkata and Chennai.

Question 2: Where is Port Cornwallis? Why is it named so?

Answer: Port Cornwallis is in the north-east part of Great Andaman. It is named after Admiral William Cornwallis.

Question 3: The airport at Port Blair is named after a great Indian. Give his name.

Answer: The airport at Port Blair is named after Veer Savarkar or Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

Question 4: Which places are major tourist attractions at Port Blair?

Answer: The Cellular Jail, its sound and light show, India House, the association with the Azad Hind Government, visit to Ross Island and a cruise to the enchanting island of Havelock are the parts of the attractions at Port Blair apart from the natural beauty of the Andaman Islands.

Question 5: Choose the correct option:

1. The shipwrecked crews which landed on the Andaman Islands in the 1830s and 1840s were

(a) welcomed by the natives.
(b) treated kindly by the natives.
(c) attacked and killed by the natives.

2. During World War II, Port Blair served as the headquarters of

(a) the British Government.
(b) the Azad Hind Government under Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
(c) the freedom fighters of India.

3. The largest city of the Andaman and Nicobar island group is

(a) Havelock.
(b) Port Blair.
(c) Ross Island.

Question 6: Why was Port Blair established?

Answer: Port Blair was established as a penal colony by the government of Bengal in 1789 on Chatham Island. It was named after Lieutenant Archibald Blair of the British East India Company.

Question 7: When was Port Cornwallis closed down and why?

Answer: Port Cornwallis was closed down in May 1796 due to disease and death in the penal colony there.

Question 8: Why did the British feel the need for a new Andaman settlement and a prison in 1857?

Answer: In the 1830s and 1840s, shipwrecked crews landing on the Andamans were often attacked and killed. The British government was disturbed by this and in 1855, it proposed another settlement on the islands, including a convict settlement. The Revolt of 1857 increased the urgency as a large number of new prisoners were also to be accommodated. So, construction began in November 1857.

Question 9: What does Kala Pani mean? What is its historical relevance?

Answer: Kala Pani means black waters. It was the name given to the penal colony and settlement on the Andaman Islands. It was used as a prison by the British during the period when they colonised India and condemned political and non-political persons to the harshest prison conditions.

Question 10: Describe the pitiable condition of the convicts kept at the penal colony on Viper Island.

Answer: The convicts kept at the penal colony on Viper Island suffered life imprisonment and hard labour under cruel and degrading conditions. Many were hanged and died of starvation and disease.

Question 11: Mention two popular names by which Port Blair is known.

Answer: Port Blair is often called a ‘Heaven on the Earth’ and a ‘Veritable Garden Eden’.

Question 12: Find words from the article which mean the following:

1. Liked – popular
2. Set up – established
3. Requiring immediate action – urgent
4. Built – constructed

So, these were Port Blair A Dreamland Questions & Answers.

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