Seeing People Off Questions & Answers

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Seeing People Off Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the reading passage about?

Answer: The passage is about seeing people off, making them feel as if they are cared for and loved.

Question 2: Why did the writer go to the Euston Railway station?

Answer: The writer went to Euston Railway Station to see off an old friend who was going to America.

Question 3: Who did the writer meet on the railway platform when he was there to see off his friend?

Answer: The writer met Hubert de Ros, an old acquaintance, when he went to see off his friend.

Question 4: Who was Le Ros?

Answer: Le Ros was an actor who had earlier performed successfully on the London stage but had now taken up a job seeing off people as his stage career was unsuccessful.

Question 5: What relation did the writer have with Le Ros?

Answer: The writer had known Le Ros as a stage actor and Le Ros had borrowed half a crown from the writer.

Question 6: What was the first thing that Le Ros did when he met the writer after the train had left the station?

Answer: The first thing Le Ros did was to repay the writer the half crown he had borrowed earlier.

Question 7: What was Le Ros’ profession when the writer had known him earlier?

Answer: Earlier, Le Ros had been a stage actor.

Question 8: What is the first advantage of having a professional seer-off, according to Le Ros?

Answer: The advantage of having a professional seer-off is that the person who is seen off appears to have English friends and this earns them the respect of the guard and fellow passengers.

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