Creating A New World Questions & Answers

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Creating A New World Questions & Answers

Question 1: What does the word ‘power’ indicate?

Answer: Power is the desire to dominate and control others.

Question 2: What are the different reasons that may enable a person to dominate a large number of people?

Answer: A person may dominate a large number of people through his ideas, position, political power, words, etc.

Question 3: How should we try to live in this world with respect to dealing with others?

Answer: We should try to live in this world without dominating people, without controlling them or shaping their minds.

Question 4: How should education ideally affect the mind?

Answer: Ideally, education must make us think and use our own initiative and inculcate a feeling of ‘ourness’ for the world. This will help to create a world that is ours in the right spirit and not just turn us into brainless information banks who are dominated by circumstances, society, politicians, etc. merely because we want power.

Question 5: Should students be innovative in their approach when they pass out the school?

Answer: Yes, it is essential that students should be innovative in their approach after they leave school.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

1. When an individual wants to be like somebody he/she

(a) only praises that person.
(b) imitates that person.
(c) talks about that person all the time.

2. When a person is controlled by other persons

(a) the individual feels happy about it.
(b) the individual can think independently.
(c) the feeling that he/she is an individual is denied and finally destroyed.

Question 7: According to the author, why do people have a desire for power?

Answer: According to the author, people desire power out of loneliness or comparison with others and often justify it as a matter of duty.

Question 8: What is loneliness? Do lonely persons seek power? Explain why?

Answer: Loneliness is the state of life when you have no friends, no sense of anyone you can rely on or whom you can trust. It is a state of total self-isolation. Some people seek power as a result of this loneliness – either power over themselves through self-control like ascetics, or over others through ideas, position, words, status, political strength, etc. It helps them run away from their own loneliness.

Question 9: Do you agree that when an individual imitates a popular figure, there is generally a hidden desire for power? Elaborate your answer.

Answer: When an individual imitates a popular figure, there is generally a hidden desire for power. For instance, a candidate in a beauty pageant says that she would like to be like Mother Teresa or Oprah Winfrey because it gives her a sense of power to imagine that she could exercise the influence that these women wield over others.

Question 10: Why does the author feel to develop the feeling of ‘ourness’? Is this missing in this modern world?

Answer: The author feels the need of ourness because it is the spirit that will save the world which is now divided into units by the feeling of what is mine and what is ‘yours’. The world is divided by boundaries which separate nationalities, countries and cultures. For peace in the world ‘ourness’ is essential.

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