A Single Move Questions & Answers

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A Single Move Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Kusovo was a

(a) ten-year old boy.
(b) ten-year old girl.
(c) five year old boy.

2. Sensei was a

(a) driver
(b) father
(c) master

3. Kusovo lost his

(a) left leg in the accident.
(b) left arm in the accident
(c) right arm in the accident.

4. How many moves did judo master teach Kusovo?

(a) 10 moves.
(b) 100 moves.
(c) 1 move.

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Kusovo was going on a holiday camp – True
2. The driver of the bus had a heart attack – True
3. Kusovo wanted to become a boxer – False
4. The third match proved to be very easy for Kusovo – False
5. kusovo’s biggest weakness became his biggest strength – True

Question 3: What were Kusovo and his friend talking about?

Answer: Kusovo and his friend were talking about the famous boxer Ali.

Question 4: Why did Mr Shinozo lose control of the bus?

Answer: Mr Shinozo lost control of the bus because he had a heart attack while driving the bus.

Question 5: How was Kusovo flung out of the bus?

Answer: The bus changed direction suddenly and dashed into a tree. The door of the bus flew open and Kusovo was flung out.

Question 6: When did Kusovo learn judo?

Answer: After coming from hospital, Kusovo made a decision to learn judo with his one right arm. After three month of training, master taught him only one move.

Question 7: How did Kusovo win the tournament with only one move?

Answer: Kusovo won the tournament with only one move because he had mastered one of the most difficult throws in judo, and secondly, the only known defense for that move was that the opponent should grab his left arm. Kusovo did not have a left arm, hence Kusovo won the tournament by learning just one move.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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