Night Of The Scorpion Questions & Answers

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Written by Nissim Ezekiel, this poem shows how grateful the mother is to God that the scorpion spared her children and stung her instead of them. This shows the eternal love of the mother for her kids. In this poem, the poet tries to convey that a mother always want the best for her child and is always ready to bear any harm for their children.

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Night Of The Scorpion Questions & Answers

Question 1: How was the mother bitten by the scorpion?

Answer: The scorpion came into the hut because it was raining heavily for over ten hours. It hid under a sack of rice. In the dark, it bit the mother of the poet and vanished into the dark outside again.

Question 2: How did the villagers come to the aid of the woman?

Answer: The villagers came in large numbers to the hut, chanting prayers to ward off the scorpion by making him immobile, because they believed that if the scorpion moved, the poison would spread further in the woman’s body.

Question 3: How did the peasants view the stinging in a positive manner?

Answer: The villagers offered advice and said that by bearing the pain of the scorpion’s sting, her sufferings in her past life and in future would be reduced. They said the evil and good of her life would be balanced.

Question 4: What type of man was the father? How did he treat his wife?

Answer: The father was a sceptic and rationalist. But in this moment of crisis, he was willing to try every remedy that the villagers suggested to help reduce his wife’s agony.

Question 5: How did the mother respond to the recovery?

Answer: The mother was grateful to God that the scorpion stung her and not her children. She can bear her own pain, but a mother cannot bear the suffering of her child.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. I remember the night my mother … he risked the rain again.

(a) Who does ‘he’ refer to?

Answer: ‘He’ refers to the scorpion.

(b) Why did he come inside the house? Where did he hide?

Answer: He came inside to escape the constant rain. It hid under a sack of rice.

2. My father, sceptic, rationalist … upon the bitten toe and put a match on it.

(a) Why did a ‘sceptic rationalist’ try every curse and blessing? What does it show?

Answer: A ‘sceptic rationalist’ tried every curse and blessing because he loved his wife and was ready to do anything to save her and protect her from pain.

(b) Why did the father pour a little paraffin and put a match on it?

Answer: It is believed that burning a snake bite or sting of a scorpion with fire stops the spread of poison into the rest of the body. That is why the father poured a little paraffin put a match on it to cauterize the wound.

Question 7: Why, according to the peasants, was it imperative to find the scorpion?

Answer: According to the peasants, finding the scorpion was crucial as its sting held the potential for deadly consequences, especially for a pregnant woman like the speaker’s mother.

Question 8: What kind of purification would the poison ensure, according to the peasants?

Answer: The peasants believed that the poison from the scorpion sting would act as a purifier, cleansing the body of impurities and sins.

Question 9: How does the speaker describe the atmosphere in the room?

Answer: The speaker describes the atmosphere in the room as intense and chaotic, marked by the villagers’ reactions, the flickering candles, and the mother’s agony.

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