Birdsong Questions & Answers

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Birdsong Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the poet prompting the reader to do through this poem?

Answer: The poet is prompting the reader to open up his heart to the beauty of the world around him and realise and experience how wonderful it is to be alive.

Question 2: How does the poet describe the morning? Elaborate on the use of imagery in the second stanza.

Answer: The poet describes the beauty of the morning, describing the dewdrops shining on the blades of grass, the morning light that is cast over the earth and the birds singing at dawn. The imagery is subtle. He uses the word ‘sparkle’, suggesting that the dewdrops are almost like jewels. The earth is ‘aflood’ as the morning light pours down on it like a river flooding place. The song of the bird is like a welcome song addressed to a person, almost personifying the dawn that comes after night.

Question 3: What does the poet mean by ‘Hey, try to open up your heart? To beauty, go to the woods someday’?

Answer: The poet is encouraging the reader to be aware of the beauty around him and, if he cannot see it in his immediate surroundings, he should go to the woods one day where Nature is visible in all its glory – the trees, the birds, the little animals, the sky, its sounds and its silences.

Question 4: What does the poet feel is the most wonderful thing to realise? Explain with reference to the last stanza.

Answer: The most wonderful thing is to be alive. He says when we become receptive to the beauty of the world and Nature around us, we create beautiful memories to carry with us no matter where we are. This makes us realise that we are not just existing from day to day, but are alive in the true sense of the world.

Question 5: How does the poet view Nature and its importance? Discuss.

Answer: The poet sees Nature as extremely important, putting us in touch with the sheer beauty of the world around us and making us realise how wonderful our life is when it is in harmony with Nature.

Question 6: How can one discover the beauty of the world according to the poet? Refer to the first stanza and explain.

Answer: To know the beauty of the world, one has to move out of one’s nest, one’s comfort zone. One has to be like a bird, ready to take the risk of flying, seeing the wide world of beauty around us and to sing about it in joy, despite its dangers and work. If one stays in one’s nest, one will never know that ‘the world is full of Ioveliness.’

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