The Man In The Train Questions & Answers

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The Man In The Train Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was Mrs Blake going to?

Answer: Mrs Blake was going to visit some cousins in Eastbourne.

Question 2: Why did Mr Blake leave early?

Answer: Mr Blake left early to go to the office.

Question 3: Why did Mrs Blake prefer to read a magazine rather than a newspaper?

Answer: Mrs Blake preferred to read a magazine because she had already read the newspaper that morning.

Question 4: What did John always tell his wife? Did she heed his advice?

Answer: John always told his wife to read the newspaper carefully. She did not heed his advice.

Question 5: Choose the correct option:

1. When Mrs Blake looked at the man sitting on the seat facing her

(a) she thought he looked funny.
(b) she remembered seeing him near her house.
(c) she remembered that she had seen his picture in the newspaper.
(d) she realised he was her neighbour.

2. When the man in the train took out a knife and opened its blade,

(a) Mrs Blake wanted to jump to her feet and shout for help.
(b) Mrs Blake looked the other way.
(c) Mrs Blake wanted to jump off the moving train.
(d) Mrs Blake did not react at all.

3. When the train stopped and the man got down at the station.

(a) two policemen arrested him.
(b) two policemen saluted and greeted him.
(c) a big crowd gathered to see him.
(d) he was welcomed by his wife and children.

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. “I have to leave for the office now.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Mr Blake said these words to Mrs Blake.

(b) When did this thought occur?

Answer: This thought occurred to Mr Blake when he was seeing off Mrs Blake.

(c) What happened immediately after this?

Answer: Immediately after this, Mrs Blake waved goodbye to her husband and then she sat down in a corner to read a magazine.

(d) What do you come to know about the speaker from these words?

Answer: From these words, we came to know that Mr Blake was a conscientious person who liked to be punctual at his office.

2. ‘But what shall I say to the guard when he comes?’

(a) Who is ‘I’ in the above line?

Answer: ‘I’ in this line is Mrs Blake.

(b) What was the person contemplating of doing here?

Answer: She was thinking of pulling the alarm cord to stop the train.

(c) Do you think that the person indicated by ‘I’ was worried or frightened or both? Why?

Answer: She was both worried and frightened. She was afraid of the man who was travelling with her because she thought he was a killer. She was worried because she did not know what to do if the train stopped and the guard came to ask her why she pulled the alarm cord, because she was not sure if the man with her was actually the killer whose picture she had seen in the newspaper.

Question 7: Why was Mrs Blake uneasy during her train journey?

Answer: Mrs Blake was uneasy during her train journey because she thought the man travelling in her carriage was a killer.

Question 8: Describe the stranger sitting across Mrs Blake.

Answer: The stranger sitting across Mrs Blake was a tall, heavy man, with dark hair.

Question 9: How did Mrs Blake feel while watching the man eat an apple during the journey? Describe her experience.

Answer: Mrs Blake sat up when she saw the man reaching into his pocket. When he took out a knife and opened it, she wanted to jump up and scream for help. But she was silenced by sheer fright. When he reached into his pocket again, she thought he was taking out a handkerchief to put over her mouth. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw he took out an apple and began to peel it.

Question 10: When was the real identity of the man revealed to Mrs Blake? Do you think it brought a sense of relief to her?

Answer: When the stranger got off the train, two policemen, who were waiting on the platform, saluted him and addressed him as Inspector, telling him that the Chief Constable was waiting at the police station. Picking up the newspaper he had left behind on the seat, she saw that he was Inspector Thornton of Scotland Yard, in charge of the case. She smiled at her folly and felt relieved.

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