Liza and the Lost Letter Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Liza and the Lost Letter Questions & Answers.

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Liza and the Lost Letter Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option

1. The royal family rode past Liza on its way to church

(a) every Sunday morning.
(b) every Monday morning.
(c) every Tuesday morning.

2. The gatekeeper was wearing

(a) a blue hat.
(b) a black hat
(c) a white hat.

3. The Appointments Secretary asked Liza

(a) to come back after a week.
(b) to come back the next day.
(c) to come back in the month of September.

4. Liza asked the princess:

(a) for a gold necklace as her reward.
(b) for two bags of gold coins as her reward.
(c) for two weeks’ imprisonment for the guard and the secretary as her reward.

Question 2: Read the lines from the play and answer the questions that follow.

1. Secretary: The princess will see you. Remember, I get half of the reward.
Liza: I have an excellent memory.

(a) Why does the secretary want half of the reward?

Answer: The secretary wanted half of the reward for allowing Liza to meet the princess.

(b) Why does Liza say that she has an excellent memory?

Answer: Liza says that she has an excellent memory because she wanted the secretary to be punished for his greed and immoral act.

2. Princess Margaret: Have you shown anyone?
Liza: Not a soul, Your Majesty.

(a) What is Princess Margaret asking Liza about?

Answer: Princess is asking Liza about the letter.

(b) What does ‘not a soul’ mean there?

Answer: The phrase ‘not a soul’ mean, no one at all.

Question 3: What did Liza see and find on a Sunday morning?

Answer: Liza noticed that Princess Margaret was reading a letter while riding in the carriage and suddenly the letter flew out of the princess’ hand into air.

Question 4: What did Liza decide to do?

Answer: Liza decided to take the letter to the princess and give it back to her.

Question 5: Who stopped her at the royal palace?

Answer: The gatekeeper stopped Liza at the royal palace.

Question 6: What did Liza promise the guard and the secretary?

Answer: Liza promised the guard and the secretary to give half of the reward she receives.

Question 7: What was the second reward that Princess Margaret gave Liza?

Answer: Princess Margaret offered to have Liza a ride with her in the royal carriage dressed in a brand-new gown.

Question 8: How did Liza teach the gatekeeper and the secretary a lesson?

Answer: Liza asked the princess to grant her the wish of a sentence of two weeks in jail. When princess granted her strange reward, she sent the secretary and the gatekeeper to prison. In this way, Liza taught them a lesson.

So, these were Liza and the Lost Letter Questions & Answers.

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