The Praying Hands Questions & Answers

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The Praying Hands Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. Where did Albrecht Durer live?

(a) He lived in France.
(b) He lived in England.
(c) He lived in Germany.

2. What was the dream of the two Durer brothers?

(a) They both wanted to become artists.
(b) They both wanted to become miners.
(c) They both wanted to become goldsmiths.

3. How did Durer family celebrate Albrecht’s homecoming?

(a) The family held a festive lunch.
(b) The family held a festive dinner.
(c) The family offered prayers at church.

4. What happened to Albert’s hands?

(a) They were just dirty.
(b) They were very hard.
(c) They were injured and pained severely.

5. What was the name given by Albrecht to his painting which was a tribute to his brother Albert?

(a) Hands
(b) The Noble Hands
(c) The Praying Hands

Question 2: Number the events in the order they occur in the story.


…3…Albert worked in the mines to support his brother’s education.
…4…When it was Albert’s turn, his hands were too injured to hold a brush.
…1…The two brothers tossed a coin to decide who would go to the school of art.
…2…Albrecht Durer won the toss and went to Nuremberg to study at the school of art.
…5…People began to recognise the talent of Albrecht Durer and he became famous.

Question 3: How many children did Albrecht Durer (the elder) have?

Answer: Albrecht Durer (the elder) had eighteen children.

Question 4: What dream did Albrecht and Albert have?

Answer: Albrecht and Albert had a dream of becoming artists.

Question 5: How did Albrecht manage to learn art from the school at Nuremberg?

Answer: One night, Albrecht had an idea and he told Albert that he would toss a coin and the one who wins would go to Nuremberg to study art. The other who would lose would go to the nearby mines and earn a living and help the other to complete his studies. Then, after four years, the other brother would study. Albert agreed and he tossed the coin. Albrecht won the toss and went off to Nuremberg.

Question 6: Why could Albert not pursue his dream?

Answer: Albert could not pursue his dream because while doing the mining work, the bones of his fingers were smashed at least once. He had been suffering from severe pain in his right hand so much that he could not even hold a glass. So, now, it was not easy for him to make delicate lines on a paper or canvas with a pen or a brush.

Question 7: To whom did Albrecht give the credit for his success and popularity?

Answer: For his success and popularity, Albrecht gave the credit to his brother Albert.

Question 8: Where is The Praying Hands kept now?

Answer: The Praying Hands is kept in a museum called Albertina in Vienna, Austria.

Question 9: Why do you think Albrecht Durer painted the hands of his brother?

Answer: Albrecht painted the hands of his brother to pay tribute to the sacrifices that his brother had made for him. So, he drew the abused hands of his brother.

Question 10: Why were the two brothers unable to follow their dream of learning art from the school of art at Nuremberg?

Answer: The two brothers were unable to follow their dream of learning art from the school of art at Nuremberg because the financial condition of their father was not good.

So, these were The Praying Hands Questions & Answers.

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