Magic Vessels Questions & Answers

Magic Vessels Questions & Answers

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Magic Vessels Questions & Answers

  • Gratitude – a feeling of thanks
  • Scoundrel – a dishonest person
  • Uproar – angry shouts, protests
  • Feast – a large meal for a lot of people
  • Sternly – with an angry look

Question 1: What plans did Tenali Raman and his wife make for their elder daughter’s marriage?

Answer: Tenali and his wife planned to fix a date soon after the harvest as they would have grain in the house and money to buy gifts.

Question 2: What problem did Tenali face a week before the wedding? Who helped him and how?

Answer: Tenali and his wife did not have cooking vessels enough to cook the feast for the whole village. Their neighbours lent them their vessels.

Question 3: How did Tenali show his gratitude to those who helped him? Why were the people surprised?

Answer: Tenali gave a small vessel to each of his neighbour while returning their vessels. They were surprised because he said that their vessels had given birth to babies. They thought he was a fool.

Question 4: How did the villagers help Tenali during his second daughter’s marriage?

Answer: The villagers gave him their silver vessels expecting a silver vessel in return as a gift.

Question 5: Why did the villagers go to the king? What explanation did Tenali give in the court?

Answer: The villagers went to the king because Tenali did not return the silver vessel that they had lent him. He said that they had died of a strange disease.

So, these were Magic Vessels Questions & Answers.

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