Mangoes Questions & Answers

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Mangoes Questions & Answers

Question 1: How does Mrs Asghar get the children to return to their homework?

Answer: Mrs Asghar gets the children to return to their homework by telling them that their father will be most dissatisfied when he gets home and finds that they have not done their work. She reminds them what will happen then.

Question 2: What kind of homework is Nina doing?

Answer: Nina is obviously doing her maths homework because she wants to know the answer to a multiplication sum.

Question 3: Which words with the double meanings are used in the play by the characters?

Answer: Right, Left, arm/aam, cheap/cheep, sweet, harmless/aamless/armless/harmful, man go/mango, leave.

Question 4: What makes Aslam return to the window?

Answer: The temptation to see the mangoes draws Aslam to the window again.

Question 5: Does the Mango Seller speak correct English? What mistakes does he make?

Answer: The Mango seller does speak standard English, apart from a couple of mistakes; the repetition of ‘much’, and ‘… and that man going round with a knife!’

Question 6: What does the Mango Seller find amusing? Give two examples.

Answer: The Mango seller laughs loudly when he understands Aslam’s pun on the words aam/armless, harm/harmless. He giggles later when he hears the same joke again. And finally, he laughs when he says that Mrs Asghar is not buying mangoes from him and Majid is going round with a knife.

Question 7: Why does Mr Asghar think that everybody has gone mad?

Answer: Mr Asghar thinks that everybody has gone mad because he cannot get a straight answer to any of his questions and all the members of his household, including Majid, are behaving very strangely.

Question 8: Why does Mrs Asghar collapse in the end?

Answer: Mrs Asghar collapses in the end because there has been complete confusion in the house. She has been shocked by Majid, thinking that he is going to kill the Mango seller with a knife.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

Then how can we set the dog on him?

(a) Who speaks these words and to whom?

Answer: Mr Asghar speaks these words to Mrs Asghar.

(b) Why does the speaker ask this question?

Answer: Mr Asghar asks this question because Mrs Asghar has just reported to him that she told the Mango seller to leave, otherwise she would set the dog on him.

(c) What has been said prior to all this about a dog?

Answer: Mrs Asghar, in order to get rid of the Mango seller, tells him that she will set the dog on him. Nina asks her, ‘What dog?’, and says that they have a cat but not a dog. A little later, Mrs Asghar tells the Mango seller that they may not have a dog, but that they have a strong servant, who is then summoned.

(d) Does the speaker get an answer to the question?

Answer: Mr Asghar does not get an answer to the question. (But Mrs Asghar has already explained why she had used the threat.)

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