Meet Tom Sawyer Questions & Answers

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Meet Tom Sawyer Questions & Answers

Question 1: What do we learn about the aunt from the first long paragraph?

Answer: We gather that Tom’s aunt was an old lady who wore spectacles more for style than to look for such a thing as a small boy. She seems to be looking for Tom everywhere and is angry on not finding him anywhere.

Question 2: Does Tom understand his aunt? How does he deal with her? Give some examples.

Answer: Yes, Tom understands his aunt well. He knows what makes her angry or what makes her laugh and how long he can torment her. He plays different tricks with her every time.

Question 3: Why does the aunt’s conscience hurt her?

Answer: Her conscience hurts her every time she has to lash Tom because he is her dead sister’s son.

Question 4: What means does the aunt employ to try and find out the truth from Tom about whether or not he went to school in the afternoon?

Answer: Aunt Polly asks him questions that are full of guile and deep as she wants to trap him into revealments. To check whether Tom had gone to school, she asks him if it had been warm at school and if he had wished to go swimming.

Question 5: Give examples from the text to show that Tom is:

(a) Naughty

Answer: He plays tricks on Aunt and every time a new one. He steals jam.

(b) Clever

Answer: He can always tell where the wind lies and forestall her next move.

(c) Lazy

Answer: He hates work more than he hates anything else.

(d) Determined

Answer: He learns whistling undisturbed and with great diligence.

(e) Helpful

Answer: No example given.

(f) Cunning

Answer: He keeps two needles with white and black thread to sew his collar just like Aunt does.

(g) Carefree

Answer: Within two minutes or less he forgets all his troubles.

(h) Brave

Answer: He fights bravely with the new boy.

(i) Kind

Answer: No example given.

Question 6: What does Sid do to annoy Tom?

Answer: Sid tells Aunt Polly that she had sewn his shirt with white thread while it showed black.

Meet Tom Sawyer Questions & Answers

Question 7: What does Tom feel like when he has mastered the art of whistling?

Answer: He is filled with gratitude and feels like an astronomer who has discovered a planet.

Question 8: What does Tom pick a fight with the new boy?

Answer: Tom picks a fight with the new boy because he feels dishonoured when the boy takes two broad coppers out of his pocket and shows them.

Question 9: Briefly describe how Tom’s fight with the new boy develops.

Answer: Tom sees the neatly dressed boy and both observe each other in silence. Then Tom claims that he can defeat the new boy in a fight. The new boy dares him to try. Both try to scare each other and even threaten to bring imaginary big brothers to protect them. Then Tom draws a line on the ground and says that he will beat up the boy if he crosses it. When the boy crosses the line, Tom says he will honour his word for two cents. The boy takes two coins out of his pocket and shows them to Tom. Both boys punch and pound each other while rolling on the ground. Tom manages to straddle over the boy and punch him with his fists. Finally, the boy says he has had enough and Tom lets him go.

Question 10: Would you like to have a friend like Tom? Why or why not?

Answer: I would like to have a friend like Tom because he is playful and has a lot of fun. Even though he is mischievous, he is never cruel or unkind. He loves his aunt and she loves him too.

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. ‘I ain’t doing my duty by that boy and that’s the Lords truth, goodness knows.’

(a) Who says these words and when?

Answer: Aunt Polly says these words while looking for Tom and he has fled on the instant.

(b) What quote does the speaker remember in relation to the way the boy should be dealt with?

Answer: ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’.

(c) What does the speaker go on to say about the boy?

Answer: She goes on to say that he was her dead sister’s son and she didn’t have the heart to lash him. Whenever she hit him, her old heart broke.

(d) What does the speaker go on to say about the duty?

Answer: The speaker goes on to say that she has not been doing her duty.

2. ‘Well, now, if I didn’t think you sewed his collar with white thread, but it’s black.’

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Sid says these words to Aunt Polly.

(b) When was the statement made and why?

Answer: The statement was said when Aunt Polly was trying to trap Tom into revealing whether he had gone swimming that day. He said this just to annoy Tom and reveal the truth.

(c) What do the people, who hear this statement, do or say immediately afterwards?

Answer: Aunt Polly immediately says that she had sewed the shirt with white and Tom tells Sid that he would lick him for that. Tom goes to a safe place to check the needles attached to the lapels of his jacket, one of which has white thread and the other black.

Question 12: Explain the following in your own words:

a. ‘Man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.’

Answer: It means human beings are prone to get into trouble.

b. ‘Well, I’d made sure you’d played hookey and been a-swimming.’

Answer: Aunt Polly wanted Tom to admit that he had been playing hookey and had gone for swimming.

c. ‘You can lump that hat if you don’t like it.’

Answer: You will have to keep that hat even if you don’t like it.

d. ‘Holler’ nuff!’ said he.

Answer: Had enough.

e. ‘Some of us pumped on our heads – mine’s damp yet. See?

Answer: Tom says that some of them had put their heads in the water instead and so his head was still damp.

Question 13: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the story:

(a) He tricked the old woman by telling her she had beautiful eyes, when she clearly did not have beautiful eyes.
(b) The lawyer gave the judge convincing evidence to show that the man had not committed the crime.
(c) When the confusion arose, she gave her father all the details.
(d) ‘I was there when it happened and know exactly what occurred, so please give me the details.’
(e) When she heard the sound behind her, she turned round in time to see him run out of.

So, these were Meet Tom Sawyer Questions & Answers.

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