Mister Simple On The Train Questions & Answers

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Mister Simple On The Train Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Mister Simple go every month?

Answer: Every month, Mister Simple went to see his mother.

Question 2: By which train would he go in the morning?

Answer: He would go by 10 o’clock train in the morning.

Question 3: When would he come back?

Answer: He came back by the 6 o’clock train in the evening.

Question 4: What made him feel ill?

Answer: He felt ill when he would sit with his back to the engine.

Question 5: What did Mister Simple say to the little boy on the train?

Answer: Mister Simple said, “Will you please change places with me? I feel ill if I sit with my back to the engine.”

Question 6: Choose the correct ending to each sentence:

1. Mister Simple often looked very pale when

(a) he talked to his wife.
(b) he went to see his old mother.
(c) he came back after seeing his old mother.

2. Mister Simple felt all right when

(a) he sat near the engine.
(b) he sat facing the engine.
(c) he sat with his back to the engine.

3. Mrs Simple advised her husband

(a) to stop travelling by train.
(b) to sit in the last coach of the train.
(c) to change places with one in the opposite seat.

4. Mister Simple was very happy when

(a) he was able to learn the speech.
(b) he told his mother about the speech.
(c) he said his speech to the boy on the train.

5. Mister Simple didn’t say the speech while coming back home because

(a) he wasn’t feeling ill.
(b) there was nobody in the opposite seat.
(c) there was a little boy in the opposite seat.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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