The Dog’s Tail Questions & Answers

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The Dog’s Tail Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who says these words and to whom:

1. ‘I shall ask for no wages.’

Answer: The genie said this to the farmer.

2. ‘You’ll always have work to do.’

Answer: The farmer said this to the genie.

3. ‘What is my next task?’

Answer: The genie said this to the farmer.

4. ‘The house is built and the big meal is ready.’

Answer: The genie said this to the farmer.

5. ‘Take it to the genie and ask him to straighten its tail.’

Answer: The school master said this to the farmer.

6. ‘What an easy task?’

Answer: The genie said this to himself.

Question 2: Write True or False:

1. The genie asked the farmer for his wages – False
2. The farmer gave the genie a big meal to eat – False
3. The farmer asked the genie to pull the dog’s tail – False
4. The genie said he would do all work for the farmer – True
5. The genie thought he would straighten the dog’s tail easily – True
6. The genie straightened the dog’s tail and came back to the farmer – False

Question 3: What did the farmer wish to have?

Answer: The farmer wished to have a genie to do all his work.

Question 4: Who appeared before the farmer?

Answer: A genie appeared before the farmer.

Question 5: How did the genie look?

Answer: The genie looked big and strong.

Question 6: What did the genie do in the farmer’s field?

Answer: The genie dug a well in the farmer’s field.

Question 7: What did the genie build for the farmer?

Answer: The genie built a big house for the farmer.

Question 8: What did the genie want to eat?

Answer: The genie wanted to eat the farmer’s flesh.

Question 9: What did the schoolmaster give to the farmer?

Answer: The schoolmaster gave his dog to the farmer.

Question 10: What task could the genie not do?

Answer: The genie could not do straighten the dog’s tail.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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