Mowgli Questions & Answers

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Mowgli Questions & Answers

Question 1: Match the following words with their meanings:

Column AColumn B
1. Rustleda. a group of people elected to govern an area or to give advice
2. Blazingb. rash; not thinking of what may happen as a result of one’s action or actions
3. Councilc. crafty, wily
4. Identifyd. very fine, soft feathers of a bird
5. Hindquarterse. made a sound like leaves moving together
6. Cunningf. recognize
7. Recklessg. the rear part, including the back legs, of a four-footed animal
8. Downh. burning brightly, like fire, or with anger; extremely angry; full of strong emotion
Answer: 1-e, 2-h, 3-a, 4-f, 5-g, 6-c, 7-b, 8-d

Question 2: How do we know that the little man-cub was bold?

Answer: We know that the little man-cub was bold because he was not afraid of Father Wolf. He looked up at him and laughed. When he was taken by Father Wolf to Mother Wolf, he boldly pushed his way through the other cubs and went near Mother Wolf for the warmth he would get from her body.

Question 3: How did Mother Wolf defend Mowgli against Shere Khan?

Answer: Mother Wolf sprang forward and faced Shere Khan, her eyes were shining like green moons in the darkness. She said that the man-cub was hers and would live and run with the pack. She would not let him be killed by Shere Khan. Instead, the man-cub would hunt Shere Khan when he grew up. She commanded Shere Khan to go away from there.

Question 4: What was the ‘Law of the Jungle’?

Answer: The ‘Law of the Jungle’ was that a wolf was allowed to live separately from the pack once he got married. However, as soon as his cubs were old enough to stand on their feet, they had to be brought to the pack council, so that the other wolves might see them and be able to identify them in future.

Question 5: What did ‘Mowgli’ mean? What did Mowgli do when he was taken to the Council Rock?

Answer: ‘Mowgli’ meant ‘frog’. When Mowgli was pushed into the centre of the pack council at the Council Rock, he sat there, laughing and playing with some pebbles that glistened in the moonlight.

Question 6: Who was the first to speak for Mowgli? What did he say?

Answer: The first to speak for Mowgli was Baloo, a brown bear. He said that the man-cub should be allowed to run with the pack and be accepted as a member. He himself would be his teacher.

Question 7: Describe Bagheera.

Answer: Bagheera was a panther as black as ink with panther markings that could be seen only in light. His skin was softer than the very soft feathers of a bird’s wing, and his voice was like honey dripping from a tree. But he was cunning, bold and reckless.

Question 8: What did Bagheera say to the angry Shere Khan? What do you think he meant by ‘or I know nothing of Man’?

Answer: Bagheera told Shere Khan that he could roar as much as he wanted in his anger, but when the little man-cub grew up he would make Shere Khan roar in fear. Bagheera had seen enough of men to know how dangerous an enemy a man could be. What Bagheera meant by ‘or I know nothing of Man’ was that if what he had said was not true, then all that he had learnt from his experience of having watched mean and their ways, was of no value.

So, these were Mowgli Questions & Answers.

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