A Christmas Dinner Questions & Answers

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A Christmas Dinner Questions & Answers

Question 1: Match the following words with their meanings:

Column AColumn B
1. Crutcha. softness
2. Gravyb. the area in front of a fireplace
3. Vigourc. (something) that is done by or is applicable to all
4. Tendernessd. red in the face
5. Flavoure. a brown sauce made with the juice that comes out from meat while it is cooking
6. Universalf. energy
7. Sufficientg. taste and smell
8. Flushedh. a support to help a person, who is lame or has injured one leg or both legs, to walk
9. Hearthi. enough
Answer: 1-a, 2-e, 3-f, 4-a, 5-g, 6-c, 7-i, 8-d, 9-b

Question 2: What were Mrs Cratchit and Belinda wearing?

Answer: Mrs Cratchit and Belinda were wearing shabby gowns, decorated with cheap but gay ribbons to make them look pretty.

Question 3: Why did the two younger Cratchits come in screaming excitedly?

Answer: The two younger Cratchits came in screaming excitedly because they had smelled the goose outside the bakers and had known it to be theirs just by the smell.

Question 4: Why was Bob carrying Tiny Tim on his shoulder?

Answer: Tiny Tim was a cripple and his limbs were supported by an iron frame. He could walk only with the help of a crutch. So, his father Bob carried him on his shoulder.

Question 5: What work did the following do to prepare the Christmas dinner:

(a) Mrs Cratchit

Answer: Mrs Cratchit laid the cloth on the table, heated the gravy till it was hissing hot, and carved the goose and served it. She had also cooked the pudding and brought it in proudly after the goose had been eaten.

(b) Peter

Answer: Peter used a fork to find out whether the potatoes were boiled and ready to be mashed. He then went with the younger Cratchits to fetch the goose. After he came back, he mashed the boiled potatoes with great vigour.

(c) Belinda

Answer: Belinda helped her mother to lay the cloth on the table, and then sweetened up the apple sauce.

(d) Martha

Answer: Martha dusted the hot plates.

(e) The two younger Cratchits

Answer: The two younger Cratchits had gone with Peter to fetch the goose. They then set chairs for everybody.

Question 6: What did the Cratchits have for their Christmas dinner?

Answer: The Cratchits had roast goose, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, and pudding for their Christmas dinner.

Question 7: How many children did Mr and Mrs Cratchit have?

Answer: Mr and Mrs Cratchit had six children – Martha, Belinda, Peter, a boy and girl, and Tiny Tim.

So, these were A Christmas Dinner Questions & Answers.

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