Tom Cantry Meets a Prince Questions & Answers

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Tom Cantry Meets a Prince Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Tom know that the boy in the palace was a Prince?

Answer: Tom knew that the boy in the palace was a Prince because he was a handsome boy wearing clothes of silk and satin, shining with jewels. At the boy’s hip was a little jewelled sword. He had dainty shoes with red heels and on his head, he wore a crimson cap with plumes fastened with a great sparkling gem.

Question 2: Why did the guards push Tom back?

Answer: The guards pushed Tom back he was a poor boy wearing ragged clothes.

Question 3: Where did Tom Cantry live?

Answer: Tom Cantry lived in Offal Court, off Pudding Lane.

Question 4: How did Tom’s father and grandmother treat him?

Answer: Both Tom’s father and grandmother were not kind to Tom. His grandmother had a wicked heart and often used to beat him.

Question 5: How did Tom enjoy himself with his friends in Offal Court?

Answer: Tom and his friends used to enjoy watching monkeys doing antics, Punch and Judy shows and plays. They used to fight with cudgels and had races in summer. They would wade and swim in the river and dive and shout and tumble. They would dance and sing about the Maypole, play in the sand, covering each other up and sometimes would make mud pastry and wallow in the mud.

Question 6: What did the Prince want to do?

Answer: Prince Edward wanted to enjoy once what Tom used to enjoy with his friends. He wanted to wear clothes like Tom, strip his feet and play in the mud once without anyone to scold or forbid him.

Question 7: Match the following words with their meanings:

Column AColumn B
1. Mightya. a precious stone.
2. Plumesb. to lie and roll about in mud or water
3. Gemc. a short thick stick that is used as a weapon
4. Apartmentd. in a manner that shows one is sadly longing for or wanting something.
5. Anticse. a decorated pole that people dance around during celebrations on May Day (1 May), a spring festival
6. Cudgelf. a room in a house, especially a large one.
7. Maypoleg. large and impressive
8. Wallowh. feathers worn on a hat as decoration
9. Wistfullyi. behaviour which is funny and silly in a way that people usually like.
Answer: 1-g, 2-h, 3-a, 4-f, 5-i, 6-c, 7-e, 8-b, 9-d

So, these were Tom Cantry Meets a Prince Questions & Answers.

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