Katy Questions & Answers

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Katy Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was Katy late for school?

Answer: Katy was late for school for various reasons. She could not find her algebra book or her slate and had to run about looking for them. The string of her bonnet was torn and Aunt Izzie insisted on sewing it on and Katy had to stand still while this was being done.

Question 2: What were the things that went wrong for Katy in class that morning?

Answer: The things that went wrong for Katy in class that morning were: Katy made mistakes twice in her grammar. Her hand shook so much that it was difficult to read what she had written and so, Mrs Knight told her to copy her composition again.

Question 3: Why did Katy go and sit on the wood-house roof?

Answer: Katy was very upset as everything seemed to have gone wrong that morning. She was on the point of crying, but she did not want the other girls to see her doing so. So, she wanted to be alone, and as soon as the bell rang, she ran to the yard and sat on the roof of the wood-house.

Question 4: What happened to Katy’s bonnet?

Answer: A sudden gust of wind blew Katy’s bonnet over the fence and right into the middle of Miss Miller’s school.

Question 5: What would the Miller girls do if they got hold of the bonnet?

Answer: If the girls of the Miller school got hold of the bonnet, they would dance round it, play football with it and wave it over the fence in triumph.

Question 6: How did Katy rescue her bonnet?

Answer: Katy slid down the roof of the wood-house and jumped over the fence into the yard of Miss Miller’s school and rescued her bonnet. Just then the bell rang, and before the Millerites, who had come out into the yard, could catch her, she managed to get to the top of the wall. One girl caught of her foot and almost pulled a boot off, but Katy managed to free herself with a kick and with a scream of victory and fright, fell head first into the middle of a group of her schoolmates on the other side of the wall.

Question 7: What happened to the girl who had grabbed Katy’s foot?

Answer: Katy had released her foot seized by the girl with a kick. This made the girl fall backwards, head over heels.

Question 8: How did Katy’s schoolmates treat her when she returned safely?

Answer: Katy’s schoolmates were thrilled that she had got the better of the Millerites. They felt proud and triumphant. They kissed and hugged Katy and made her tell the story of her victory again and again.

Question 9: Write word against each meaning:

1. A hat tied with strings under the chin – Bonnet
2. Lightly windy – Breezy
3. Brief periods of time – Moments
4. A short piece of writing, like an essay – Composition
5. Repairing or attaching with needle and thread – Sewing
6. To move an object from side to side to attract attention – Wave
7. Pulled with effort – Dragged
8. Grabbed; took hold of suddenly or violently – Seized

So, these were Katy Questions & Answers.

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