My Dearest Lizzy Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Dearest Lizzy Questions & Answers.

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My Dearest Lizzy Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

(a) Jane’s sisters felt uneasy for her because they

i. were afraid that she would get wet.
ii. knew she disliked the rain.
iii. thought she would enjoy getting drenched.

(b) Jane couldn’t come back because

i. her carriage had broken down.
ii. the horses had bolted.
iii. it had not stopped raining.

(c) Jane’s mother did not know till the next morning

i. whether a servant had accompanied Jane.
ii. how Jane had gone to Netherfield.
iii. how well her plan had worked.

(d) The note from Netherfield had news about Jane’s

i. journey.
ii. need for Elizabeth.
iii. illness.

(e) Jane was supposed to return to

i. her own home.
ii. Netherfield.
iii. Mr Jones’ house.

Question 2: What made Elizabeth feel that the ‘distance was nothing’?

Answer: When Elizabeth got to know about Jane’s illness, she was determined enough to visit Jane at Netherfield. As the carriage was not available and she was not a horsewoman, she decided to go walking which according to her mother was foolishness. However, it was her desire and motive to see her sister that made her feel that the ‘distance was nothing’.

Question 3: Why were Mrs Hurst and Miss Bingley surprised to see Elizabeth?

Answer: Mrs Hurst and Miss Bingley were surprised to see that Elizabeth had walked three miles so early in the day and that too in such a dirty weather all by herself, which according to them was an incredible thing.

Question 4: Describe Elizabeth’s meeting with Jane.

Answer: Jane was delighted to see Elizabeth in her room as she was longing for such a visit. Elizabeth attender her silently while Jane expressed her gratitude for the kindness with which she was being treated in Mr Bingley’s house. Elizabeth was delighted to see the care and affection of Bingley sisters and the way they treated Jane. The apothecary (a medical person) too visited and examined Jane. Elizabeth was so concerned that she did not quite Jane’s room for a moment.

Question 5: What was the apothecary’s verdict regarding Jane’s health?

Answer: The apothecary examined Jane and concluded that she had caught a violent cold. He advised her for proper bed rest and prescribed her some draughts (medicinal drink) for her speedy recovery.

Question 6: Why did Miss Bingley invite Elizabeth to remain in Netherfield?

Answer: When it was the time for Elizabeth to leave, Jane showed reluctance to part with her sister, on which Miss Bingley extended an invitation to Elizabeth to remain in Netherfield till the time Jane gets better.

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