The First Pup Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The First Pup Questions & Answers.

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The First Pup Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the brackets.

(a) Bambi like other pups, had an unappeasable (unappeasable/unquenchable) desire to chew everything.
(b) Once she devoured (guzzled/devoured) a part of her collar.
(c) She once ate a whole packet of butter and repeated the act (act/accomplishment) a few days later by having a wok full of oil.
(d) Another time, Bambi ate the rasmalai set out for Meena’s mother-in-law, but did not demolish (annihilate/demolish) the beautiful cake.
(e) The mistake that had been made was that Bambi had been given morsels (morsels/treats) of food from the table.

Question 2: Read these sentences and answer the questions.

“Thankfully, she dealt with the problem in a simple way – the next day she staggered around retching and was sick and out it came – intact.”

(a) Who is being talked about here?

Answer: Bambi is being talked about here in these lines.

(b) What was the problem?

Answer: The problem was that Bambi had swallowed a fairly large chunk of her own collar.

(c) What would have happened if the problem hadn’t been sorted?

Answer: Bambi would have to be operated upon, if she had not vomited out.

Question 3: Read these sentences and answer the questions.

“The tea trolley squatted resplendently in the dining room, glittering with china and silver, ready to be rolled out in style.”

(a) Who had decorated the tea trolley? Why had it been decorated?

Answer: The narrator’s mother had decorated the tea trolley as Meera’s mother-in-law was coming over for tea.

(b) Which food items had been laid out on the trolley?

Answer: There were small and pretty egg-and-cucumber sandwiches garnished with grated cabbage and carrots, a Dark Devil’s cake and a magnificent bowl of rasmalai, all laid out on the trolley.

(c) What happened to the contents of the trolley?

Answer: Bambi had partially eaten the rasmalai leaving the dish in a mess.

Question 4: What did Bambi benefit by all her life?

Answer: The over-pampering and feeding her at the table were few of the ‘bringing up mistakes’ by the narrator and his family that eventually benefitted Bambi. They had been lenient with Bambi and that had spoilt her.

Question 5: How were the books ‘partially pulped’?

Answer: Bambi was a pup and pup like babies would test the edibility of everything that came their way. Bambi had an insane and insatiable desire to chew everything to pieces. She had ended up chewing the books leaving them ‘partially pulped’.

Question 6: What preventive measures did the family have to take to keep the pup out of harm’s way?

Answer: The family had to watch out to keep Bambi away from electrical sockets and had to ensure that she did not chew upon live wires as this could be disastrous.

Question 7: How did Bambi get at the butter? What happened after that? Did Bambi learn a lesson?

Answer: As someone had left the fridge door ajar (half open), Bambi got the opportunity to grab the entire packet of butter.
After that, Bambi felt uncomfortable – she was thirsty and felt like vomiting.
No, Bambi did not learn a lesson from this bad experience, and repeated the same thing again with a kadhai (wok) full of oil in which kebabs had been fried.

Question 8: What did the author learn from raising Bambi?

Answer: The golden rule that author learnt is that the pets should never be fed at the table.

So, these were The First Pup Questions & Answers.