Never Quit Questions & Answers

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Never Quit Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Paraplegic – relating to paralysis of legs and lower body
  • Unconventional – something that is generally not done

Question 1: What did Deepa do differently even as a child?

Answer: Even as a child Deepa did many unconventional things like when other children used to sit on the swing and she would stand on it and hang on to the ropes.

Question 2: Apart from the surgeries Deepa had to go through, what else added to her difficulty around that time?

Answer: Apart from the surgeries there was a difficult phase in Deepa’s life as her husband was fighting in the Kargil war and both her daughters were young. Her elder daughter Devika required special care since she was suffering from congenital hemiplegia, a motor disability that made some parts of her body non-functional.

Question 3: What was it that gave Deepa the strength to fight her circumstances in 1999?

Answer: Being alone gave Deepa more strength to find with the situation because her husband was fighting in a war. And it was important for at least one of them to be alive for their daughters. She had no other choice but to accept it and get over it.

Question 4: According to Deepa, why was her journey in sports a difficult one?

Answer: Deepa’s journey in sports was a difficult one because she needed an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as quad bike. She could not afford an ATV due to its high price but she wasn’t one to give up easily.

Never Quit Questions & Answers

Question 5: How has pursuing sports helped Deepa in life?

Answer: Deepa has registered her name four times in the Limca Book of Records for her sporting achievements.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
The family won both wars.

(a) Which family is being referred to?

Answer: The family being referred to is Mrs Deepa Malik’s family.

(b) Which were the two wars mentioned in the line?

Answer: The two wars mentioned in the line are her fight with spinal tumour and her husband fighting the Kargil war.

(c) How has the family won both?

Answer: The family won both due to their strong will power.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
‘It was a tough time indeed.’

(a) Who says this?

Answer: This is said by Mrs Deepa Malik.

(b) Which time is being referred to?

Answer: The time being referred to is when she was diagnosed with spinal tumour.

(c) How was it a tough time?

Answer: It was a tough time in a sense that she was fighting with spinal tumour while her husband was fighting in a war.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
Hardly did she know that one day she would be breaking records in this sport as well.

(a) Who is she?

Answer: She is Deepa Malik.

(b) What was ‘this sport’?

Answer: This sport is swimming.

(c) Which other sport has she broken records in?

Answer: The other sports are Javelin throw and shot put.

(d) Which award did she receive for her performance in ‘this sport’?

Answer: The award she received for her performance in this sport was Khel Ratna Award.

So, these were Never Quit Questions & Answers.

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