On The Bus Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share On The Bus Questions & Answers.

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On The Bus Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where are the people on the bus going?

Answer: The people on the bus were going to Lahore.

Question 2: What is Mrs Ali dreaming about?

Answer: Mrs Ali is dreaming about the Shalimar gardens – a quiet, peaceful, beautiful place.

Question 3: Why does the bus stop?

Answer: The bus stops because a cow is blocking the road.

Question 4: How do the people try to make the cow move?

Answer: The people (get out of the bus and) shout at the cow.

Question 5: How does Mrs Ali try to make the cow move?

Answer: Mrs Ali waves her umbrella to make the cow move.

Question 6: What does the driver do?

Answer: The driver claps his hands.

Question 7: Who makes the cow move?

Answer: Sahir makes the cow move by offering it some grass/food.

Question 8: Write short answers for these questions:

1. At the bus station:

(a) How many people are in the bus?

Answer: Ten

(b) Where is the conductor standing?

Answer: Near the bus.

(c) Where is the driver?

Answer: In his seat.

(d) What is Mrs Ali carrying?

Answer: An umbrella.

2. On the way to Lahore:

(a) Is the bus going fast?

Answer: Yes, very fast.

(b) What is Mrs Ali doing?

Answer: Mrs Ali is sleeping and dreaming about Shalimar gardens.

(c) Where is the cow?

Answer: The cow is in the road.

(d) Does Mrs Ali make the cow move?

Answer: No

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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