On Top Of The World – An Interview With Arunima Sinha Questions & Answers

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On Top Of The World – An Interview With Arunima Sinha Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the appropriate option.

(a) Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak of

i. Africa
ii. America
iii. Asia

(b) “…….able to transform your disability to your best ability,…..”
Choose the most appropriate synonyms for the words in italics.

i. infirmity, manner
ii. infirmity, capability
iii. quality, capability

(c) But instead of losing hope, I gathered myself and went against all odds,….”
What do the words in italics mean.

i. to start believing that something you want to happen might be possible.
ii. to stop believing that something you want to happen might be possible.
iii. None of these.

Question 2: What kind of people did Arunima encounter during her traumatic days?

Answer: During Arunima’s traumatic days, she encountered different kinds of people. There were people who did not know Arunima but still donated blood for her. On the other hand, there were people who criticized her and shook her confidence. Some said that she wanted to commit suicide while others said that she was travelling ticketless and jumped out of train to avoid embarrassment.

Question 3: What does the experience that Arunima shared, when she was climbing Everest, tell about her?

Answer: The experience that Arunima shared when she was climbing the Everest shows that she is a person with a lot of courage and willpower. Despite seeing the dead bodies of the mountaineers who tried to conquer the Mount Everest, her confidence was not shaken and she kept on moving and achieved her goal. Arunima had never lost her determination that helped her in achieving her goal.

Question 4: How many peaks does Arunima aim to conquer? How many peaks has she conquered? List them with their locations (continents).

Answer: Arunima has decided to conquer the highest peak of each continent. She has conquered four peaks till now, including Mount Everest of Asia, Mount Kilimanjaro of Africa, Mount Elbrus of Europe and Mount Koscuiszko of Australia.

On Top Of The World – An Interview With Arunima Sinha Questions & Answers

Question 5: What is Eco-Everest Expedition?

Answer: Eco-Everest Expedition is the expedition to clean the area covered under Mount Everest. Cleaning in the Eco-Everest Expedition means that the mountaineers should not leave anything there and maintain cleanliness.

Question 6: Why has Arunima’s autobiography been named ‘Born Again On The Mountains’?

Answer: Arunima has named her autobiography as ‘Born Again On The Mountains’ because she considers her life as a gift of the mountains. If she had not climbed the mountains, she would have never been known to the world. The mountains have given her a new life which is full of courage, willpower and confidence.

Question 7: “But, everything is different now.” Why does Arunima say this?

Answer: Arunima says this because when she came back to India after conquering Mount Elbrus of Europe, she found that the youth of India was associating themselves with her. She realized that the disabled and deprived could relate themselves with her and were getting inspired by her courage and determination. Therefore, she decided to keep the morale of the youth high and decided to conquer the highest peak of each continent to set an example for India’s youth.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
“……I have done it! I am on top of the world!”

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Arunima said this.

(b) What made the speaker say so?

Answer: The speaker said so when she had climbed Mount Everest and put up the flag of India there.

(c) How did the speaker feel after achieving his/her goal?

Answer: Arunima felt elated because she had climbed Mount Everest and reached the top of it, despite the fact that she was being discouraged for being a woman, who was disabled and deprived. She proved that one can achieve anything and everything with a strong willpower and determination.

(d) Give two words to describe the speaker.

Answer: Determination, focussed

Question 9: Why do you think Arunima has been termed a ‘miracle’?

Answer: Arunima has been termed a ‘miracle’ because she discovered her unique quality and moved one step ahead of the ordinary. She turned her disability into her best ability and achieved something which even ordinary people cannot dream of.

Question 10: Do you think the message that Arunima gives to the young generation, is relevant for you? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yes, the message given by Arunima that one should select a goal – one goal at a time and work dedicatedly towards it is relevant to me. Doing many things at one time does not bring fruitful results. Working towards a single goal at a time is the key to success because one cannot achieve all his goals with divided attention. One should be patient and should take one step at a time to climb the ladder of success.

So, these were On Top Of The World – An Interview With Arunima Sinha Questions & Answers.

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