One Stormy Night Questions & Answers

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One Stormy Night Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

1. The narrator’s house was situated on the outskirts of the town.
2. The narrator stayed at home to receive his mother’s brother.
3. At night, an old man knocked at the door.
4. The old man set up his bundle at one corner of the room and promptly laid himself down on the floor to sleep.
5. When the narrator woke up in the morning, he found the front door unbolted and there was no sign of the old man.

Question 2: Why does the narrator say that it was not a normal day?

Answer: The narrator says that it was not a normal day because that day his father had gone out with his friends to a jungle. He was injured by a tiger there. So, within minutes of hearing the news, the narrator’s mother also rushed to see his father to the jungle.

Question 3: What advice did the narrator’s mother give him before leaving?

Answer: Before leaving, the narrator’s mother told him a dozen times not to open the door for strangers.

Question 4: How does the narrator describe the storm?

Answer: The narrator describes the storm to be a fierce one that was raging. The wind was blowing in such a way that it seemed to be howling in a very frightening way. Flashes of lightning swept the sky and the thunder was deafening.

Question 5: Whom did the narrator open the door for? Why did he open the door?

Answer: The narrator opened the door for an old man who was knocking on the door. The old man requested the narrator to let him in because there was a storm raging outside. He assured the narrator that he was just an old man and would do no harm to him. This made the narrator feel safe. So, he decided to open the door for him.

Question 6: When did the narrator’s mother return? What did she tell the narrator about his father’s condition?

Answer: The narrator’s mother returned home the following day, late in the afternoon. She told the narrator that at first his father’s condition had worsened and they thought that they had lost him. The doctors too had said that it was now up to him to try and revive himself. However, suddenly at around midnight, he seemed to be coming back to life. Within a minute, blood seemed to rush back to his face and his breathing became more stable and relaxed. The sudden improvement in his health seemed like a miracle.

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