Our Houses Questions & Answers

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Our Houses Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why do we live in a house?

Answer: We live in a house:
i. To protect ourselves from sun, wind, rain, and snow.
ii. To protect us from animals and bad people like thieves.

Question 2: List some important features that a good house should have.

Answer: A good house should have:
(i) Windows to let the sunlight and fresh air inside the house.
(ii) Open spaces like verandahs and balconies to relax and get sunlight and fresh air.
(iii) Covered dustbins to throw the garbage.
(iv) Proper drainage system to carry away dirty water.
(v) Wire nettings on doors and windows to keep away mosquitoes and flies.

Question 3: What are houses in cities made of?

Answer: Houses in cities are built of bricks, cements, steel, wood, and glass.

Our Houses Questions & Answers

Question 4: Give reason:

(a) Garbage should not be thrown in open places or open dustbin.
Answer: Garbage should not be thrown in open places or open dustbin because flies and other insects will sit on the garbage and spread germs of diseases.

(b) Dirty water should not be allowed to collect near your house.
Answer: Mosquitoes and flies breed in the collected dirty water and spread germs of diseases. Therefore, we should not allow dirty water to collect near our house.

(c) We should grow plants around our house.
Answer: We should grow plants around our house because plants clean the air and give us fresh air.

Question 5: What things are used to make the following:

(a) Doors and window frames – Wood, glass, aluminum and steel
(b) Walls and roofs – Steel, bricks and cement

Question 6: Answer the following in one word:

(a) Wire netting that keeps them away – Insects
(b) See through material used for making windows – Glass
(c) Carry away dirty water – Drainage
(d) A house made of mud and straw – Hut
(e) Material used for making walls – Bricks

Question 7: Write True or False:

(a) Sunshine kills germs – True
(b) Huts are made using iron rods – False
(c) House protects us from enemies – True
(d) Balconies are important in getting fresh air – True
(e) It is not necessary to clean our house everyday – False

So, these were Our Houses Questions & Answers.

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