Painting The Breeze Questions & Answers

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Painting The Breeze Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Niches – hollow areas in a wall
  • Kiln – a large oven used to bake clay and bricks
  • Dozing – sleeping lightly
  • Jaunty – smart
  • Glittered – shone brightly
  • Reluctant – unwilling
  • Cavalcade – procession of people on horses
  • Shove – push
  • Impertinent – rude
  • Twitched – moved quickly and suddenly
  • Daze – confusion
  • Tongue-tied – at a loss for words
  • Bated – held
  • Gossamer – very fine and delicate
  • Bolsters – long, narrow pillows

Question 1: Arrange the following sentences in the order of the events in the story.


…4…Parvati was startled to see the bullock cart of a very wealthy lady stop in their lane.
…2…Parvati decided to paint the pots as painted pots sold better.
…7…Parvati and Laxman were made potters to the royal family by the queen.
…6…Parvati was given a small copper piece with a carving stamped on it.
…3…Parvati used only black and white colours, which she had made herself.
…5…Parvati’s paintings were greatly appreciated by the lady.
…1…Parvati and Laxman’s father lay ill with fever and was unable to make pots.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

What made her sit up and watch was the rich cloth…

(a) What had made Parvati look up a little earlier?

Answer: The clatter of horse’s hooves, the clang of cow bells and the creak of bullock carts wheels made her look up.

(b) Describe the four horsemen accompanying the cart.

Answer: The horsemen accompanying the cart were a magnificent in the sun. Their short spears shone brightly in the sun. The saddle cloths on the horses were of colourful cotton. Across their chests, over the short-sleeved tunics, were the cross straps to carry the quiver of arrows. The board leather bell was for the sword and their head bands were tied across their foreheads with smart bows.

(c) What did Laxman decide to do on seeing the cart?

Answer: On seeing the cart, Laxman decided to run back to the house and called out Parvati to help him to carry some of the pots outside.

Painting The Breeze Questions & Answers

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

Laxman held out the pottery towards her as Parvati…

(a) What obstacles did Laxman face before he got an opportunity to show his pottery?

Answer: The only obstacle that Laxman faced was the horseman who rode towards him and Parvati. The horseman lowered an angry moustache face, glared and called them ‘impertinent fools’ for he thought that the noble lady would not buy their pots. So, he asked them to move back or else he would let the horse walk all over their pots and smash them to pieces.

(b) Describe what Parvati saw.

Answer: Parvati saw a noble lady sitting, leaning against the bolsters inside the cart. All the clothes were of finest cotton. The antariya tied like a dhoti, was embroidered all over with gold. The long scarf of the uttariya, draped across her body and swept over her head, was gossamer thin in the shade of dull gold and set with precious stones. The Karnikas were big and made of gold and the mekhala worn around her waist was made of silver chains. She wore two necklaces, a kantha, a short string of pearls and the lambanam, a long golden chain down to her waist. At her wrists were thick kangans, bangles of gold, and the baju, worn on the upper arms, glittered with jewels. Her anklets were intricately designed in gold.

(c) Why did Parvati think that the lady would not like her painted pots?

Answer: Parvati thought the lady would not like her painting pots because she had painted the pots for fun and the lady in the cart was wealthy to like something as simple as an earthen pot.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

‘I think my husband would like them too.’

(a) Who said this line to whom? Who was her husband?

Answer: The noble lady said this line to Parvati. Her husband was King Ashoka Vardhan.

(b) What would the speaker and her husband like?

Answer: The speaker and her husband would like the pots on which the sky, the breeze and the song of the koel, was drawn by Parvati.

(c) What did the speaker give to this listener? Why?

Answer: The speaker gave the listener a small copper piece with a carving stamped on it. She could show this at the gate of the palace and would be allowed to go in.

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